Tracy Morgan Faces Payout Dispute With Walmart

In 2014, actor/comedian Tracy Morgan suffered multiple injuries when a Walmart truck crashed into his vehicle. The incident left Morgan with brain damage and many broken bones. Morgan also lost his friend, fellow comedian Jimmy Mack.

The accident reportedly earned Tracy Morgan a $90 million lawsuit payout. Throughout the settlement case, Morgan was never required to testify in front of a judge.

However, the insurance companies for Walmart recently tried to get Morgan to testify about the matter because they feel his award of $90 million was a bit too generous despite the injuries and medical expenses he endured. The insurance companies are challenging that Tracy Morgan exaggerated his injuries and the incident in order to receive a big settlement. The insurers for Walmart, Ohio Casualty and Liberty International Underwriters, are accusing the company of not properly investigating the entire situation. Kevin Roper pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide.

Tracy Morgan’s attorney, Benedict Morelli, spoke about the situation this morning on CBS This Morning. Morelli stated that he will not allow his client to testify because “he was a victim once and we will not allow him to be a victim again.” Morelli also expressed that the insurers have no reasoning to dispute the settlement. Walmart reportedly paid Morgan and the other affected passengers with their own money, as opposed to receiving the money from their insurance companies. Now that Walmart is looking to be recompensated, the insurance companies want to sue Morgan instead of paying back Walmart.

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The 'CBS This Morning' crew discussed Tracy Morgan's Walmart dispute with his lawyer, Benedict Morelli.Featured image credit: Michele CroweCBS via Getty Images

After the 2014 accident, Morgan spent a week in the hospital in a coma. In his new stand-up special, Staying Alive, which premiered on Netflix May 16, the actor tells hilarious jokes to shed light on the accident. More importantly, he is celebrating that he is still here.

The special was also the first time Morgan has returned to the stage in three years. That is definitely something to celebrate, especially when, at the time of the accident, fans and friends did not know if he would be able to make it out of the coma.

On CBS This Morning, Morgan’s attorney further expressed his feelings on the matter by telling the morning crew about how he will continue to defend his client with his best interest all the way to the end. He also stated that the companies are seeking photos of Tracy’s Lamborghini, which he feels does not have anything to do with the case they are trying to make against his client.

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Tracy Morgan and Lawyer Benedict Morelli talking to Matt Lauer on NBC NewsFeatured image credit: Peter Kramer Photo Bank via Getty Images

In the trailer for Staying Alive, Morgan returns to the stage healthy and better than ever. He reveals that his proudest moment during his healing process was learning how to walk again at the same time as his daughter.

He also tells the audience at one moment, “I miss doing this.”

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