‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Shares Post-Baby Body Photos

Just weeks after giving birth to her son, Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff has posted amazing post-pregnancy photos on Instagram.

The first photo shows Tori with her post-baby bump just one week after little Jackson Kyle’s arrival in May. The second photo shows the 26-year-old three weeks after his birth — and most of the baby bump is gone!

“The woman’s body is the craziest thing,” Tori gushed in the post. “The fact that I was able to grow a human has given me so much respect for my body. Love what the good lord gave you. He knows what he’s doing. #justdoyou #loveyourself #postpartum.”

Tori’s post-pregnancy photos — along with another new photo of Jackson she posted — elicited lots of comments from other mothers and Little People, Big World fans, who told her she looked beautiful and offered advice.

“You are so beautiful inside and out! Post partum is very hard mentally and physically. It’s no joke! Keep on being awesome Tori,” wrote one mother.

“Just take your time. You don’t have to be back to pre-pregnancy on any time line. No matter what some weirdos tell you. You look amazing!” wrote another.


Tori gave birth to baby Jackson on May 12, and, as the Inquisitr previously reported, she and husband Zach Roloff confirmed that their son has achondroplasia — the most common type of dwarfism — two weeks later.

Tori and Zach, who also has achondroplasia, found out that Jackson has the condition after an ultrasound 34 weeks into Tori’s pregnancy. However, the Little People, Big World couple told People that they are more than ready to handle any extra challenges that may come from Jackson having dwarfism.

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” Zach said. “But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy. You have to earn it.”

“I want people to know that he’s just like his dad: being a dwarf is just part of the whole package of who he is.”

As for Tori, she knew that there was a high probability she and Zach could have a child with achondroplasia, but all that mattered was that the baby was healthy.

“We knew our chances of having a dwarf, but it didn’t matter,” she said. “We just knew we wanted to be parents, however God wanted it to happen.”


Meanwhile, Little People, Big World grandparents Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff, who are also little people, will be around to offer baby Jackson plenty of love and support, too.

“I feel blessed and beyond excited that the Roloff farm is alive and well with the birth of Jackson Kyle,” Matt Roloff told People.

“There’s definitely a new sheriff in town,” Matt continued. “I can’t wait for him to create childhood memories on the farm like Zach did.”

Amy is also thrilled and said Zach and Tori will do an amazing job raising her first grandchild.

“Zach and Tori love kids and I know they will be wonderful, loving, awesome parents. They have so much love to give Jackson,” she said. “I’m already in love with being his grandma! God is good.”

Tori and Zach Roloff said that they have been moved by the response they have gotten from other parents and Little People, Big World viewers.

“Tons of parents e-mail me to say what an inspiration we are for their kids, showing that it’s possible for them to get married and have a family,” Zach said. “The other day we met a couple who have a dwarf child. They started watching our show and it made them feel that it was all going to be okay.”

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]