Couple’s Breakup Song Begs Friends To Continue Inviting Them To Parties [Video]

When a long time couple breaks up friends are often put in the position to make a choice about who they are going to continue to hang out with. Ivory King and Jonathan Mann didn’t want that to happen. The couple’s breakup song encourages friends to keep inviting them to parties even though they know it will be awkward.

King, a writer, and Mann, a musician, have decided to call it quits after five years. At the start of the video, Mann and King explain to their friends why it’s not going to workout between them.

Mann sings: I want to have kids.

King replies: But I really don’t.

Mann sings: I thought that you might someday.

King replies: But I really won’t.

The couple, through song, explain that they both still love each other but have decided that they can no longer continue as a couple. That doesn’t mean, however, that they still can’t hang out with their friends.

The couple sings:

“You don’t have to choose/ Though it’ll be awkward, yes/ Invite us to your parties/ We will work it out/ Don’t feel weird/ We love all of you.”

Here’s a video of the couple’s breakup song.

According to, the couple’s breakup song is part of Mann’s ongoing song-a-day project. King sang and played on several of the songs which has been going on now for more than 1400 days.