Ellen DeGeneres Dating ‘Mystery Brunette’? Fake News Emerge Amid Host’s Rumored Divorce With Portia De Rossi

Is Ellen DeGeneres dating a new woman? Recent rumors suggest that the talk show host is already moving on with a “mystery brunette” amid speculations of divorce between her and her wife, Portia de Rossi.

According to a recent report from Radar Online, Ellen was recently spotted out-and-about, enjoying a meal with another woman amidst “marriage troubles” between her and Portia. The report which features a collection of photos of the 59-year-old host strolling down a street with an unknown woman.

The captions that come with the images suggested that DeGeneres and the mystery lady dined in a vegan restaurant on June 1 at Crossroads in West Hollywood.

The Ellen DeGeneres dating rumor sparked by the outlet further described the host to be “all smiles” and “carefree” during the alleged date. This report comes amid speculations about Ellen DeGeneres’ divorce with Portia de Rossi after eight years of marriage.

Also reported by Radar, speculations of divorce between the two emerged after the host and her wife supposedly faced a “marriage breakdown” which was allegedly caused by Drew Barrymore. In another report, the outlet claimed that a love triangle seemed to be brewing.

Based on the article, Portia is affected by Ellen DeGeneres dating rumors involving the 42-year-old E.T. star, per an insider who claimed to be knowledgeable of the couple’s troubles.

“Portia is threatened by Ellen’s relationship with Drew,” the source told the outlet.

“Their emotional bond is obvious, and Portia is feeling completely left out.”

This comes after Drew admitted that she feels any attraction for women sexually.

“Do I like women sexually? Yes, I do. Totally. I think a woman and a woman together are beautiful, just as a man and a woman together are beautiful,” she admitted as reported by the outlet.

Despite this, Ellen DeGeneres dating rumors that involved Drew never came to light.

The outlet further noted on the marriage breakdown article how Portia and Ellen’s communication and marriage is going down the gutter when they were celebrating Ellen’s 20th anniversary in April.

Based on the report, the host seemed to be pissed enough to ignore her wife no matter how much she tried to approach her.

“Portia kept trying to talk to Ellen, but Ellen wouldn’t even look at her as she screeched out of the parking lot,” Radar’s spies claimed.

However, both dating rumors and divorce speculations have been debunked by the Gossip Cop.

According to the fact-checking website, Ellen and Portia are not splitting up and that reports about the divorce are made-up. On top of that, a source close to the couple revealed that the Ellen DeGeneres dating rumors are simply “ridiculous.”

As it turns out, Ellen and the “mystery brunette” on the report are not on a date, per Gossip Cop’s “trustworthy source.”

In fact, all of the rumors swirling around claiming the Ellen DeGeneres divorce is happening are far from the truth as the talk show host shared an image on her Instagram page where she declared how proud she is of Portia’s new venture.

I'm so proud of my wife. #Repost @generalpublic.art ・・・ @theellenshow @edbyellen @portiaderossi

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Aside from that, the 59-year-old celebrity host posted another photo that shows how supportive she is of her wife, further debunking all rumors that the couple is headed for a divorce.

#Repost @generalpublic.art ・・・ @theellenshow @edbyellen @portiaderossi

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Other rumors about the Queen of Talk that have no basis include one that claims she and Portia are looking into having a baby to “save their marriage.” As it turns out, the report was made-up as the Gossip Cop checked with their reliable source.

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