'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 2B Releases New Trailer [Video]

Fear The Walking Dead will be coming back on August 23 to AMC and there are a few things that fans have yet to see that will be taking place in the second half of Season 2. But that does not mean that the original group in Fear The Walking Dead has come back together, but rather that it has expanded in everyone's new directions.

What is particularly interesting about the new trailer that Fear The Walking Dead has released for Season 2 of the AMC show is that the characters do not seem to make any progress with finding each other. It might even be better to say that they have gone to great lengths to move on and forget about each other. They are, after all, in the bigger world of the zombie apocalypse and Fear The Walking Dead is starting to take them deeper into the story that puts survival at the forefront of the plot.

Survival has already played a major role in the theme for Fear The Walking Dead, but it has not been the only factor at play. It almost seems as though the characters in Fear The Walking Dead still have this clinging hope that this is not all it will ever be for the survivors of the apocalypse and that society has a place in the world, but they need to find some way to find it or build it, as clearly outlined by Comic Book.

It might even be worth mentioning that Fear The Walking Dead is not all that much different than The Walking Dead to the extent that both shows feature characters that are looking to either find a society to live in or to build one to exist in. In the end, both core groups on both AMC shows really do seem to have the same goals in mind, as far as the theme goes.

"Now that the world has expanded, we can tell greater stories, we can explore different communities, and there are now not only more infected, but in order to survive, the stakes are even greater," Fear The Walking Dead executive producer Gale Ann Hurd said in the video. "Now that they're on shore, we get to see how suited to this environment they are. People will resort to much more violent measures. Some rise to the occasion and some fail."

It also appears that Nick is not the only one on Fear The Walking Dead that is perfectly happy being off by himself. He has seemed, over the past several episodes, to be more and more comfortable with wearing the meat suit and walking amongst the zombies. But he also shows signs of vulnerability, which may get him killed much sooner than most may think.

But now we see that Travis and Chris will not be going back and looking for Madison and the rest of the family, when the video showed them in the car heading away from their troubles. That is not to say that Madison is part of their troubles, but just that they cannot all coexist when Chris is clearly so unstable and that he may end up being more of a danger to them if he has to stay mixed in with their group.

Madison, Alicia, Strand, and Ophelia find a high-rise building that appears to be occupied by survivors on Fear The Walking Dead, but she has to make good use of her prowess in order to be let in. It might be a sanctuary of sorts, but fans of The Walking Dead know that those never last long. One way or another, the zombies always find their way in, like cockroaches.

[Image via AMC]