Nancy Pelosi: ‘Children Know More About’ Global Warming Than Current Presidential Advisers

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been a vocal supporter of curbing global warming and man-made climate change since the early 2000s. In fact, the reigning Democrat from California once called global warming her “flagship issue.” As such, it’s hardly shocking that Pelosi took a hard-line stance against Trump’s rejection of the Paris Climate Accord when she sat down with the ladies of The View to talk politics on Monday.

As Fox News Insider reported, Nancy Pelosi blames “the generals” and “the business community” for Trump’s highly-contentious decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord. The global agreement constitutes a pact between nearly every nation on the planet to do their respective parts to curb carbon emissions and help slow man-made global warming. Following last Thursday’s announcement that America and the Paris agreement would be parting ways, the United States joins Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations on Earth not participating in the agreement. As Nancy Pelosi pointed out during her interview, Syria and the U.S. are now the only developed nations to have eschewed the Accord, while citing the responsibility of humans to God to take proper care of the planet.

“This planet is God’s creation and we have the moral responsibility to be good stewards of it.”

According to Pelosi, global warming is more than just a humanitarian and political issue. The former Speaker of the House pointed out during her Monday sit down that climate change and global warming are national security issues that pose a potential threat to every American. In calling out Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, Nancy Pelosi wondered how Donald (who’s denied the existence of man-made global warming in the past) will ever answer to his grandchildren.

“How is President Trump going to explain to his grandchildren that he didn’t do anything to save the environment.”

Pelosi went on to bash the current group of presidential advisers, claiming that the nation’s children are better informed about the reality of global warming than the people giving advice to the current POTUS. Or at least “some” of them. Ouch.

“Children know more about this subject than some of the people advising the president.”

As Raw Story reported, the ladies of The View wouldn’t let Nancy Pelosi focus solely on her former flagship issue of global warming during Monday’s panel. Host Joy Behar spent a good portion of the interview grilling Pelosi regarding why she’s not demanding articles of impeachment for Donald Trump in the wake of obstruction of justice allegations. Former FBI Director James Comey is expected to appear before and testify to Senate Intelligence Committee later this week. It is widely expected that Comey will confirm that the POTUS requested that the Russia investigation be halted.

According to Behar, such a request constitutes obstruction.

“It sounds like obstruction of justice. And is it grounds for impeachment?”

Nancy Pelosi tried to make light of the question with a glib reference to the “impeachment word.”

“I knew she was going to get around to that word, right.”

According to Pelosi, she’s waiting or the data, evidence and facts to meet the necessary criteria for impeachment before making her move.

“When that word comes up, I always say … anything you do has to be based on data, evidence, facts. So you can speculate, but it’s got to be the law and the facts and how they match up.”

Behar then claimed that Trump had already admitted to obstruction of justice when he said, on television, that he’d asked Comey to stop the investigation into Michael Flynn.

“What more proof do we need?”

Nancy Pelosi then explained that she believes that the American people need evidence more “solid” than Trump’s televised admission.

“I think for the American people, they need solid evidence.”

Could that evidence come from James Comey’s Thursday Senate testimony? Only time will tell.

What do you think about Nancy Pelosi’s scathing words regarding global warming and the Trump administration? What about what she had to say about the requirements for articles of impeachment to be brought forth against the POTUS? Let us know in the comments below.

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