‘The Bachelorette’ Star Rachel Lindsay Caught Partying With Her Runner-Up? [Report]

Eric McCandless ABC

The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay recently revealed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that she is engaged and very much in love. Although she can’t go out in public with her final pick until after the season finale airs in August, that doesn’t mean she can’t go out on the town and party. Unless, of course, it’s with the guy who is reportedly her runner-up.

Warning: The Bachelorette Season 13 spoilers ahead, including the name of Rachel’s final pick.

The folks at TMZ always have their video cameras at-the-ready. So, there it should come as no surprise that they are following Rachel Lindsay around to see what she’s up to now that filming is over and the show is airing on TV.

Last week, TMZ spotted Rachel Lindsay partying the night away and saw that she was with a guy that looked an awful lot like contestant Peter Kraus, a personal trainer who hails from Madison, Wisconsin.

“The video showed her kicking it with a handsome guy with facial hair. No biggie, until fans noticed the guy has a strong resemblance to Peter Kraus — one of the front-runners to win Rachel’s hand.”

Apparently, fans went crazy when the video was shared online, thinking Rachel spoiled the whole season – much like Kaitlyn Bristowe did when she leaked out a Snapchat video that showed her in bed with Shawn Booth.

And it’s not a mystery that Rachel’s engaged — she admitted it herself. But to be out with a contestant? She has more sense than that. She is under contract not to hang out with any of the guys from her season while the show is airing. She can’t even step out with the guy she picked. (More on a big development about that in a moment.)

Come to find out, the video that TMZ shared did indeed show Rachel with a guy, but it wasn’t Peter. Apparently, a source at the party Rachel attended has revealed that the bearded dude was a friend of Rachel’s — no romantic link and he’s not a contestant on the Bachelorette.

And if it was Peter, Rachel would be in hot water with producers for hanging out with not only a contestant but one of this season’s frontrunners.

Of course, there’s been plenty of chatter about Peter winning Rachel’s final rose. However, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr, blogger Reality Steve changed his final rose spoilers on Monday.

Two weeks ago, Steve was positive Rachel got engaged to Peter when the final rose was taped back in mid-May. His spoilers had everyone talking – and believing — that Kraus got down on one knee and proposed to Rachel in Madrid.

That all changed when Reality Steve admitted his sources were wrong. Up until Monday, he wasn’t even sure who the runner-up was, only confirming that Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo, and Peter Kraus were Rachel’s final three, and Peter won the final rose.

That all changed today. Steve released his revised spoilers that reveal Miami chiropractor Bryan Abasolo as the final rose winner and Peter getting dumped at the final rose ceremony.

Naturally, fans were shocked. Peter made a big impression on fans during his one-on-one date last week — and he certainly won over Rachel’s dog, Copper.

“The spoiler I posted on May 17th was wrong. Rachel is engaged to Bryan Abasolo. Nothing I say will convince people who want to believe she’s with Peter that she’s not and she’s with Bryan. All I can say is in two months, you’ll see that Bryan is the correct ending.”

Of course, there will be fans who will discount Steve’s spoilers and continue to believe Peter Kraus is engaged to Rachel Lindsay. And the only way to find out if that’s true is to watch the Bachelorette season finale on August 7.

But, there’s one thing we know. Rachel is a smart lady and she’s not hanging out with the winner, the runner-up, or any other contestants from her season of the Bachelorette until the finale airs on ABC.

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