Bill Cosby Trial Update: Desperate Plea Deal Denied Hours Before Court

Bill Cosby’s desperate plea deal was shut down hours before he attended court for trial. The disgraced comedian is not receiving any preferential treatment from the judge on his case, and he fears he will spend the “rest of his life” in prison.

One last, desperate attempt

Hours before Bill Cosby’s infamous trial was set to begin, the former comedian tried to get a plea deal, Radar Online reported.

Insiders claimed that Cosby begged for a deal that would leave him with no jail time and no admission of guilt. However, prosecutors want the shamed comedian to serve time for his crimes.

A source inside the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office said that the D.A., Kevin Steele, demanded that Cosby serves “significant” jail time, receive a large fine, and be required to perform community service.

“Bill Cosby wants Steele to agree to a deal in which an announcement would be made basically saying that the prosecution couldn’t prove its case and that the defense had nothing to prove so it’s a win for him.”

They added that Cosby was “desperate” and his defense was “desperate” because what he was accused of is “indefensible.”

“It should be mentioned that they [the defense] came to [prosecutors] because the day of reckoning has arrived and maybe he’s opened his eyes and realized that he’s about to go to prison maybe for the rest of his life.”

A bad ending for Cosby

Bill Cosby will turn 80 next month and faces 10 years in prison if he is convicted of the three counts of sexual assault he was accused of. The charges against the fallen actor include drugging and raping former Temple University athlete Andrea Constand.

Dozens of women have come forward claiming to have been drugged and raped by Cosby, who was once known as ‘America’s Dad.’

A source close the comedian told reporters that the prosecutors were on a “witch hunt” and would make sure to “bury him,” which he said was “unfortunate.”

Bill Cosby admitted to giving Constand Quaaludes in his shocking 2006 deposition for the purpose of having sex with her.

Insiders close to the Cosby family are convinced “this trial will end badly.”

The former Cosby Show star even tried to play the sympathy card with people before his trial, claiming to be old and blind.

“But, he had to be reminded that this is the Justice System and the Justice System doesn’t play favors because of someone’s celebrity or because they’ve grown a bit old. With age, sometimes comes health problems.”

Bill Cosby plea deal denied before trial begins


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