June 5, 2017
Fredrik Eklund May Be Having His Biggest Year Ever: Why Africa Trip Is So Important

Fredrik Eklund may be having his biggest year to date if you read through his Instagram posts and pick up on the small signals he's sending out. It's no secret that Fredrik is living a great life in New York. He's one of the top sellers in New York when it comes to luxurious real estate, and he is happily married to artist Derek Kaplan. Plus, he has been filming Million Dollar Listing: New York for six seasons and the show has been nominated for two Emmy Awards.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that he has several things to say to everyone who is currently big parts of his life. As it turns out, Eklund is finally becoming friends with his co-stars. For a long time, the guys were competing with one another, and they weren't exactly friendly. They would argue during deals, and it was clear that it was all business. However, over the years, friendships have grown, and he is excited about it.

On Instagram, Fredrik Eklund now has a sweet message to all of his Million Dollar Listing: New York co-stars and his husband. And based on his message, it sounds like everything is slowly working out great for him. He traveled to Paris earlier this year to visit Luis, who moved to Paris on March 1. Eklund brought his co-stars with him as part of a cast trip.

"This is the only photo I have of all of us together... - Luis, no one can replace you and I miss you very much. And I won't stop until you come back as we belong together!" Fredrik revealed about his former co-star and now great friend, Luis D. Ortiz.

But Eklund also had some sweet messages to his current co-stars, Steve Gold and Ryan Serhant. As it turns out, Fredrik has known his new co-star for quite some time and he's excited about them filming the show together because they are friends.

"Steve, I've known you for a decade now... and I'm so proud of you for jumping into our craziness like this. I've always believed in you. Ryan, I can finally call you a friend and it feels so good! OMG! You and I didn't see it all of these years, but I think now we've pushed one another to work harder and be more successful by competing so much. Thanks Puff for changing him," Fredrik writes on Instagram, according to Bravo, thanking Emilia Bechrakis for changing Ryan.

It is very interesting that he has now become friends with Ryan Serhant, as the two have had a rocky friendship over the past couple of years. Perhaps Fredrik learned to be less aggressive, while Ryan learned to be more of an adult. But the most important message in his Instagram post is to his husband, Derek. The two have been traveling around Africa over the past couple of days, and it sounds like this was an important trip for them.

"Big D you sexy thing, pack your bags because tomorrow we leave for what I think will be the most important trip of my life -I'll finally get to see YOUR AFRICA! And thanks to everyone that did or will watch our first episode tonight, it does mean a lot to us," Fredrik Eklund explains, according to Bravo.

Eklund has also hinted that this is the year that he will have his baby. Earlier this year, he posted a photo with his husband and merely shared an emoticon representing a family on his post. This was the same message he shared when they had gone through with the first egg implementation procedure a few years ago.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund's post about his co-stars and his husband? Do you think he will have the biggest year ever in 2017?

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Ryan Serhant]