Melania Trump Affair Rumor: First Lady Mocked On Twitter Over Alleged Cheating

Heather Tooley

Editor's note: Recently, a story based on a source associated with Claude Taylor was debunked as a hoax by the Guardian and disavowed by Taylor. In light of this, we advise any information derived from sources provided by Claude Taylor to be viewed in the light cast by this revelation.

A rumor that Melania Trump is having an affair was started last Thursday by a novelist who wanted to leak the allegations. Monica Byrne claims to have received her information from someone who knows about the first lady's alleged cheating that has carried on for "many years." Byrne urged reporters to investigate her claims, calling what she knows more of a "tip" than a "leak." One of her claims matched what a former White House staffer tweeted a few weeks ago -- claiming that Donald and Melania Trump were going to get divorced before the election, but shelved it after Donald won. Claude Taylor wrote that divorce papers were signed, but never filed. Byrne wrote that the Trumps were ready to divorce, but had to renegotiate the terms after the election and now she's "imprisoned" in misery.

Stephanie Grisham, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of the First Lady, has denied the allegations made by Claude Taylor, according to another report by the Inquisitr.

Rumors about Melania's affair caused some users to mock her after she tweeted a message about her attendance of the Ford Theatre Gala in Washington, D.C. on Sunday night. She thanked everyone at the Ford Theatre and tagged Trump when saying she "enjoyed the evening very much."

"So did you leave Barron at home? Do you miss your lover at Tiffany's?" one wrote.

"Where was the boyfriend? Couldn't make it?" another chimed in.

"Bet you would have preferred to be seated next to this hottie," someone added with a photo of the man Melania is rumored to be cheating with (his image is not added her to protect his privacy).

"How's your affair working out? Not that anyone could blame you.shame, the lesser of two evils," a user tweeted.

"Did you also bring your boyfriend? He's hot unlike that larda** you're stuck with," one more wrote.

Several other comments were less than supportive of the first lady with some chiding her for staying in New York costing taxpayers more money for protection, leaving Barron for the evening while maintaining she doesn't enlist the help of nannies, staying married to Donald Trump. There was also a decent number of followers who replied with kind words to the first lady.

The subject of hand-holding was addressed in several tweets -- something that has been widely reported on due to the intense scrutiny surrounding the Trumps' stiff body language at times. Melania noticeably swatted Donald's hand away when he reached to hold hers in Israel; she rejected it once again when they landed in Italy. The pair had already been the subject of negative press and divorce rumors based on their seeming lack of affection many months before the overseas trip. What's more, a number of reports with sources have claimed Melania Trump is downright unhappy in her role as first lady and is disillusioned with how her life turned out. Stephanie Grisham has denounced the reports as false and maintains that Mrs. Trump is supportive of her husband.

Someone on Twitter asked Melania when she's going to "leave the jerk," meaning her husband. When Monica Byrne tweeted about the alleged Melania Trump affair, she was specific in stating that it was with the head of security who works at Tiffany's inside Trump Tower. Ironically, Melania gave Michelle Obama a present in a Tiffany's gift box on Inauguration Day.

Neither the White House nor the Trumps have responded to the affair rumors. It wouldn't be surprising if something emerges this week given the fact that the first couple are intent on getting stories straight in the press.

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