WDW To Enforce FastPass+ Rules For Those Trying To Cheat The System - Beginning To Lock MDE Accounts Already

Danny Cox

The Walt Disney Company continues to find the most efficient ways for guests to enjoy their theme parks, but there are always those who will want more. No matter what decade or era, there have been those trying to cheat at the game, and that includes the current FastPass+ system. Now, Walt Disney World is going to crack down and enforce the rules for their ride and attraction system, which could lead to the lockdown of My Disney Experience accounts of those who try to cheat.

UPDATE on June 7, 2017, at 4:15 p.m.

It appears as if Disney is moving ahead with the new validation system right away. As of today (June 7, 2017), any guest found to be booking and using extra FastPass+ selections that are not from valid Disney Parks' tickets that day, will have their My Disney Experience accounts locked. This will hinder guests from being able to book any further FastPass+ selections at all.

According to WDWNT, Disney's system will begin going through all accounts overnight and looking for any FastPass+ selections made in unallowed manners. If they are found, the My Disney Experience account will be locked and guests will have to visit Guest Relations in a Walt Disney World theme park to see if it will be unlocked. Should it be found that the FastPass+ selections were not made illegally, the account will be unlocked.

If Disney finds that the selections were made without active/legal tickets, the account could be locked permanently.

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Soon, Disney will implement a "validation system" that will enforce the rules of the FastPass+ system and not allow guests to get more than they are entitled to receive. As of now, this new aspect of the system will be called "In-Park Validation," and the name clearly describes what it is.

As reported by WDW News Today, the system will work in a way that ensures those who are using FastPasses are those who have already entered the park. In a nutshell, that means you will have to have entered a Walt Disney World theme park with your ticket in order for FastPasses on a ticket or MagicBand to work that day.

If this ends up rolling out in its present form, it will actually stop a lot of cheaters and system abusers from continuing to use loopholes. The biggest reason for stopping their ways is that Cast Members will have the authority and ability to lock My Disney Experience accounts for those trying to cheat.

Many guests have found loopholes in Disney's FastPass+ system, which has allowed them to use expired tickets or even additional tickets on their My Disney Experience account in unfair ways. Guests have been using these methods to book additional full allotments of FastPasses that shouldn't actually go through the system.

Sadly, there are even loopholes that allowed many of the same additional FastPass+ allocations.

With the "In-Park Validation" in place, guests could still make their three FastPasses in advance of their arrival, but they must use their ticket to enter a park in order to use them. If the park tickets haven't been scanned for entry, the FastPass+ selections will not be available to be used.

The way the FastPass+ system currently works is that guests can book three selections in advance of their day in the parks. After using those three, a fourth selection can be made at any of the four Walt Disney World parks from attractions that are still available. After it is used, a fifth FastPass can be made and so on.

Obviously, that hasn't been good enough for many guests, as they have chosen to find ways to get more.

One group that this new "In-Park Validation" could affect is that of third-party Walt Disney World tour guides. A number of them promote the idea that they can get additional FastPass+ selections for guests and "front-of-the-line" access for all those taking their tours.

These cheating methods and loopholes have hindered a lot of paying guests entering Disney Parks from being able to get additional choices. Not only would this new validation method help them, but it could also greatly punish the offenders.

Guests trying to use FastPass+ reservations on tickets that don't have active admission for that day could be denied entry to the attraction. If a guest continues to try and abuse the system, their My Experience account could be locked and made unusable until further notice or until they speak with Guest Relations and Disney learns it is in error.

At this time, Disney has not commented on this new addition to the FastPass+ system and likely won't say anything until it officially rolls out. As of now, it is not yet in place, and anything can change.

This new "In-Park Validation" is expected to roll out sometime in the coming weeks with no actual date yet set.

The abuse and cheating of the system are exactly what led Disney to change their disability service in the past few years. When it was found out that guests were cheating and even monetarily profiting off of their Guest Assistance Card (GAC) service, Disney changed to the Disability Access Service (DAS), which has greatly cut down on that abuse.

No matter how much joy and enjoyment is brought by Walt Disney World to those visiting their parks and resorts, some will always want more than they paid for. In the case of the FastPass+ system, Disney is already giving the guests something free to help with the long lines that may develop in the Magic Kingdom and other parks. As the rules and regulations continue to be abused, the company is going to make sure that matters are taken to bring an end to underhanded methods.

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