Phil Stair Video: ‘F***ing N*****s Don’t Pay Their Bills’ – Stair’s Racist Talk About Folks In Flint, Michigan

The following YouTube videos containing Phil Stair’s thoughts about the African-American residents of Flint, Michigan, have gone viral online and caused Stair to resign, reports Phil was employed by Land Bank, however, Michele M. Wildman has reported that Stair’s resignation has been accepted by the executive director after outrage resulted over Stair’s comments after they were leaked to the public.

Chelsea Lyons caught the words spoken by Stair in the following viral videos as the environmental activist discussed the Flint water crisis with Phil. The most heinous of the comments being spread online show Stair claiming that African-American people do not pay their bills.

“Flint has the same problems as Detroit — f****** n****** don’t pay their bills, believe me, I deal with them.”

Chelsea took an interest in the fact that Land Bank is the largest property owner in Flint, and as part of the bank’s role in running foreclosed properties, Lyons claimed that Land Bank was moving folks out of their homes in Flint. Land Bank is also responsible for the demolition of certain properties and rehabilitating and selling them.

“The Land Bank is taking up all of the properties in Flint… They are pushing people out of neighborhood.”

Warning: The following videos contain language that is offensive and might be disturbing to some listeners.

In addition to the troubling excerpt in the video above, which blames only one portion of the citizens of Flint for the water crisis and no other factors, another video (seen below) is going viral. In that video, Stair spoke of “derelicts” and “deadbeats” who ruin houses.

The viral videos were recorded during a period of two days when Lyons learned that Stair was at a bar in the nearby area.

Stair has issued a mea culpa for his words about African Americans in Flint and Detroit.

Stair was once the sales manager for the Genesee County Land Bank, but now Phil has lost that job because of his racist remarks.

As can be heard in the below video, a woman’s voice asks a man, presumably Stair, about the conditions of a certain area.

“Is the east side the bad side?”

She then goes on to ask about a woman named Jackie and inquires about the south side versus the north side. Stair called the south side, where he was apparently with the woman at one point, the “new east side.” But Stair blamed “derelict motherf******” who moved to or from there “destroying that.” Phil claimed that after these “derelicts” tear the houses down, they go on the south side and tear those houses down.

“Deadbeats gotta go somewhere. They f*** the houses up. The people are still the people. I bought my house for $23,000 in 1981 and they sold that house right there for $4,000 about four years ago, so 30 years….”

Next, it appears as if Phil says that the city or perhaps a lending institution doesn’t owe him anything, as he explains to the woman who asks if an area “used to be white” that “it’s still white.”

“Overall it’s pretty white.”

The full excerpt of the video, which is nearly 21 minutes long, can be seen below.

Meanwhile, outrage at Stair’s comments about black residents of Flint and Detroit continues to swell on social media.

As seen in the top photo above, a Flint Water Plant water tower is shown in Flint, Michigan. To address the drinking water problems that have plagued Flint, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said in March that a $100 million grant had been approved in the wake of a formal application from Michigan state officials.

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