‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Shares Two New Photos Of Baby Jackson, Sends Out ‘Thank You’ To Fans

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff shared two new photos of baby Jackson over the weekend, along with a “thank you” message. Fans of Little People, Big World cannot see enough new photos of the new Roloff grandbaby, Jackson Kyle, and the Roloff family members are not disappointing. Proud new grandpa Matt Roloff was busy on social media over the weekend. On both Saturday and Sunday, Matt shared new photos of his first grandbaby via his personal Facebook account. Matt Roloff captioned Sunday’s photo post with a thank you message and blessing to all of his “amazing” Facebook followers and Little People, Big World fans.

Jackson Kyle Roloff is now over 3-weeks-old, and nearly every member of the Roloff family has shared photos of the newest Little People, Big World addition since his birth on May 12. The current season of Little People, Big World has focused mainly on both Roloff grandbabies with episodes that feature Tori Roloff’s pregnancy as well as Audrey Roloff’s pregnancy. Audrey Roloff, 25, is still pregnant — in her third trimester — and due in September with a baby girl, while Tori Roloff, 26, is still pregnant in this season’s Little People, Big World episodes, but she actually welcomed baby Jackson into the world 25 days ago.

The Little People, Big World patriarch shared his excitement about becoming a first-time grandpa, also via his personal Facebook account, on Mother’s Day. Two days after baby Jackson was born, Matt Roloff posted Zach and Tori’s first public family photo holding their first-born son, along with the caption, “I’m a grandpa!!!!” Thanks to the long-running TLC reality TV series Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff has grown a large following of fans on his social media accounts, with nearly 600,000 followers on his Facebook account alone. Little People, Big World fans had been anxiously awaiting the birth of the first Roloff grandbaby and shared in Matt’s excitement after Jackson’s birth announcement.

Nearly 150,000 of Matt Roloff’s Facebook followers liked his first photo post of baby Jackson, and nearly 4,000 Little People, Big World fans shared his post from May 14. Comments from Matt’s followers and Little People, Big World fans included a “congratulations” to Matt and Amy on becoming first-time grandparents, along with adding that Jackson is a “beautiful little boy.” Other comments said Matt will make a “wonderful grandpa” and that he will spoil both grandbabies rotten. Of course, some Little People, Big World fans also wanted to know if baby Jackson was a little person, like Matt, 55, Amy, 52, and father Zach, 27, a question that was finally addressed by People Magazine less than a week ago.

Zach and Tori Roloff finally answered the question that some Little People, Big World fans wanted to know and said that baby Jackson did, in fact, have Zach’s achondroplasia form of dwarfism, which is the most common type of dwarfism. Matt Roloff also suffers from a less common type of dwarfism called diastrophic dysplasia, a type of dwarfism that causes joint problems and restricts mobility. However, Matt Roloff’s dwarfism has never slowed him down and keeps fans of Little People, Big World in awe as he constantly has new projects going on the large Roloff farm in Oregon.

Zach Roloff previously shared that he had several leg surgeries during his childhood to help correct complications from dwarfism and to straighten his legs, while Matt Roloff “had to undergo 15 operations as a child for his diastrophic dysplasia,” according to the Hollywood Gossip.

Even though Zach and Tori Roloff feared that baby Jackson might be born with dwarfism, which has been the entire premise behind Little People, Big World since it first aired on TLC in 2006, the Roloff newlyweds said they were aware of the risks that came with having a baby with dwarfism but were ready for anything that was thrown at them. Even new grandpa Matt was prepared for anything “forthcoming” with the “next generation of kiddos on Roloff farm” and shared a new photo of baby Jackson on Saturday, saying that this “Gramps is ready for whatever this little farmer wants to throw at me.” Matt also shared a post on Sunday of him holding a sleepy baby Jackson, adding that “he will never again be that bored with grandpa.”

Matt Roloff plans to have a lot of fun with baby Jackson on Roloff Farms — fun that fans will probably get to see on upcoming seasons of Little People, Big World.

Said Matt, “We’re going to have some fun together!”

Matt also sent out a “thank you” message and blessing to all of his Facebook followers and Little People, Big World fans via his post on Sunday, saying that he wants to “start by thanking you all for being so warm and kind to me and my family for so many years.”

“You all are truly the most amazing fans and Facebook friends I could ever imagine.

“I just wanted to take a minute to reinforce how much I appreciate and will never take for granted all the love we feel from you all.”

Little People, Big World fans can’t believe that twins Jeremy and Zach are old enough to be married and have children of their own. Through several seasons of Little People, Big World, fans watched Jeremy and Zach as kids growing up on the Roloff farm and helping Matt with his projects. But for the three years that Little People, Big World was off the air — from December of 2010 to October of 2013 — Jeremy and Zach were growing up off of the small screen, finishing high school, and dating.

Said Jeremy, “We used to be kids hanging out, and then we were husbands and wives hanging out, and now we’re entering into this next season of parents hanging out.”

Fans now get to watch a new generation of Roloff children grow up on the Roloff family farm via new episodes of Little People, Big World and also via social media. The Roloff Farms Instagram account also shared two new photos of baby Jackson over the weekend, both from the youngest Roloff sibling and new uncle Jacob Roloff, 20, who says that he “loves” being an uncle so far and that baby Jackson is “worth livin” for.

Catch new episodes of Little People, Big World on TLC every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET. The next new episode of Little People, Big World is on Tuesday, June 6, titled “He’ll Be Whoever He’s Meant to Be,” the episode where Zach and Tori find out whether their son has dwarfism, per a short summary on TWC Central.

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