Kendall Jenner: Why She’s Refusing To Dump A$ap Rocky Despite Hectic ‘KUWTK’ Career

Kendall Jenner’s hectic schedule has not stopped her from staying committed to her rumored boyfriend, A$ap Rocky, it’s been alleged.

According to reports, the couple has been dating for the past couple of months, but to avoid being featured in the press on a constant basis, Kendall Jenner and the rapper decided to keep their romance a secret for as long as possible.

Of course, once the Met Gala came about and the twosome was spotted sharing some serious PDA with one another, it was evidently clear to the public that Kendall Jenner and Rocky are dating.

Hollywood Life now reveals that being with the “Phoenix” star has made Kendall Jenner very happy — she’s head over heels in love with A$ap, and he reportedly feels the same way about her.

The only downside to being in a relationship with one another is that they both have hectic schedules with their careers, as Kendall travels from country to country for her duties as a full-time model while Rocky is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming studio album.

For Kendall Jenner to find the time to see her boyfriend can be very tricky, but from what sources explain, the couple has managed to work out a plan that will keep them both satisfied in the long run. It’s not easy to make a long-distance relationship work but they are doing the best that they can, the insider reveals.

“Kendall [Jenner] and [A$AP] Rocky are totally still on, they just have crazy busy schedules so they’re not physically together right now,” the source adds. “Kendall Jenner is in New York, while Rocky is tied up with promoting his new album, and getting ready for festival season. It suits them not living in each other’s pockets though, Kendall would hate to be in some claustrophobic relationship, she needs her freedom, and Rocky’s totally on the same page.”

“When they’re not together they talk every day, and try to FaceTime as much as possible, but they’re both confident and secure enough in themselves, and their relationship, not to have to be in constant contact. It’s a true love match between Kendall and Rocky.”

As the source already mentions, communication is important for Kendall Jenner and her beau, but if they don’t hear from one another for a couple of days, it wouldn’t necessarily be considered an awful thing for the significant other because they both understand that working so hard can make phone calls even more exhausting.

According to People, Kendall Jenner has already introduced Rocky to her family members, who’ve all given the impression that they think the rapper makes a great fit for the supermodel.

Since Kendall Jenner is very private when it comes to the men she’s dating, it’s unlikely that fans will ever get to see the relationship play out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Having already distanced herself from reality television, the last thing she’d want is to publicize her romance with Rocky for the sake of ratings.

Kendall Jenner has yet to confirm or deny reports whether or not she’s actually dating A$ap Rocky, but from what sources have explained, Jenner will continuously deny the reports because she just doesn’t want people to interfere in her relationship.

As of right now, she’s done nothing but enjoy herself being with Rocky, and though they share a long-distance romance, it’s actually proving itself to work in their favor. It’s the only way they can make it work if they really want to be a couple.

What do you make of Kendall Jenner’s decision to be so private about her love life with A$ap Rocky, and do you think the relationship will last between the two?

[Featured Image by Antony Jones/Getty Images]