Beyonce Early Labor: Singer Reportedly Having Baby Boys?

Beyonce is just days away from giving birth, sources claim, adding that the singer can’t wait to give birth to her twin babies.

According to Hollywood Life, all of Beyonce’s bags have already been packed. Her assistants are on standby, with every possible thing that the singer would need in suitcases, purses and more — one would think Beyonce was traveling or vacation.

Insiders affirm that the soon-to-be mother-of-three is physically and mentally prepared to give birth, as the countdown for the birth of her babies is nearing by the day.

Cedars-Sinai hospital is where Beyonce will be giving birth to her twins, with reports claiming that the singer’s due date is looking to be next week.

Beyonce’s family is over the moon that the day is almost here. Solange, Bey’s younger sister, has reportedly cleared her schedule so that she can be by her sibling’s side and fully support her with what is bound to be an exhausting birth, Sandra Rose reports

“Beyonce has made massive preparations for the big day, which could arrive any time now,” the insider gushes, confirming that finding out Beyonce is being rushed to a hospital next week should not be a surprise to fans.

“She literally has her bags packed, sitting by their front door, waiting for her water to break. Her doctors are on standby and Jay Z is ready to go too! Jey and Bey have a massive security detail, fit for a president, on standby waiting to spring into action. They have three Escalade SUVs ready to whisk away a handful of bodyguards at a moment’s notice.”

It’s believed that Jay Z paid for an entire floor at the hospital where Beyonce will be giving birth — there’ll be no cameras and no more than five nurses overlooking and assisting with the singer’s birth, all who’ve signed contractual agreements not to leak any information to the press.

Jay Z has really helped his wife get through the exhausting process of carrying two babies. Beyonce has reportedly been faced with constant morning sickness and severe back pain throughout her pregnancy, and while it hasn’t been easy, having Jay Z by her side has made the experience for Beyonce a little easier.

He’s assisted her with her food cravings, pampering her with maternity clothes, and even giving her massages whenever she was in need of one.

“Jay has been pampering Beyonce in the final days of her pregnancy, keeping her off her feet and having her favorite meals prepared for her at home. They are all set to go and ready for their new twins!”

As for what Beyonce is reportedly having, as far as the gender of the babies is concerned, sources close to the couple affirm that blue decorations have found themselves laying all over the couple’s home, particularly in the rooms where the babies will sleep.

It seems as if Beyonce and Jay Z are both aware that they are having two boys, and from what insiders have said, the duo couldn’t be happier.

“It’s looking pretty certain that at least one of the babies is going to be a boy, as there’s a heck of a lot of blue-colored baby things springing up around the house suddenly,” the insider concludes.

Beyonce has already confirmed that following the birth of her twins, she will be putting her career on a hiatus to simply focus on motherhood and raising her three children.

Beyonce is still expected to perform at next year’s Coachella festival, with the chance being that there’ll also be a new record to go with the scheduled performance, but it’s too early to tell whether Beyonce will continue writing songs while adjusting to being a mother-of-three.

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