Tyga Writing Kylie Jenner Diss Album: Still Hurt Over Travis Scott ‘KUWTK’ Romance?

Tyga is not over Kylie Jenner, it seems, as reports claim that the rapper is planning to drop a revenge album on his ex-girlfriend that’s filled with subliminal remarks towards the reality star.

Sources, via Hollywood Life, reveal that Tyga isn’t over Kylie Jenner. He’s still in love with her, but after seeing how she treated their breakup and how fast she managed to move on from him with fellow rapper Travis Scott, the father-of-one was devastated beyond belief.

Tyga reportedly couldn’t fathom how Kylie found it in herself to start a new romance just two weeks after she called it quits with him, which made the “Faded” star question himself on whether the relationship was genuine, to begin with.

Either way, while Tyga clearly still has feelings for Kylie, as The Hollywood Gossip adds, he’s willing to let it be known how badly the socialite hurt him in the form of some new music.

With his new studio album being Tyga’s first record in almost three years, he wants to make his comeback with songs that are bound to leave an impression on his fans, so what better way to do that than to mention Kylie on a couple of the tracks?

Hollywood Life claims that Tyga is using his hatred and pain over Jenner’s new romance with Travis and is turning it into a diss-filled album, one that’s going to leave many people surprised, because the last thing Tyga would want is to be the one that’s made to look like the fool.

The 27-year-old is disappointed with how his ex-girlfriend handled their split, particularly since they not only stopped talking to one another but Kylie reportedly gushed to her family members how Travis Scott is the best boyfriend she’s ever had.

It almost seemed as if Kylie was making subliminal digs at Tyga, and since he’s been working on his new album for quite some time now, there’s no reason why the “Rack City” star shouldn’t play along with the 19-year-old’s games and have a little fun with the new record.

“Knowing that Kylie and another rapper [aka, Travis Scott, 25] are getting cozy all over town has ignited a fire in Tyga to get back in the studio and create some dope beats and hit songs,” a source tells the gossip outlet.

“Tyga’s devised a plan to cope with the heartbreak. He knows that success is the sweetest revenge and his plan is to get back to work and make hits. He knows his fans are loyal, and so he thinks a new hit album will fill his pockets, put him back on top and make Kylie regret losing him.”

As mentioned by the source, the things Tyga plans to talk about on the album aren’t going to be too heavy on the heart, especially for Kylie. Instead, he’ll pen the records in a way that will make Jenner realize that giving up on the relationship she shared with the father-of-one was the biggest regret of her life, and she will soon see that.

It’s being alleged that Tyga has never ruled out the chance of reconciling with his former lover in the near future, but he doesn’t know how to overlook the fact that the girl he spent two years of his life with has disrespected him in such an awful manner.

From declaring Travis as the best boyfriend she’s had to starting a new relationship just two weeks after dumping Tyga, it goes without saying that the 27-year-old is hurt, but he’s hopeful that the new music he plans to release will make Kylie realize what a mistake she made.

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