T.I. Dumping Bernice Burgos For Tiny Harris? Rapper Still In Love With Estranged Wife

T.I. is still madly in love with his estranged wife, Tiny Harris, so much that the chances of Bernice Burgos being dumped are very likely, it’s been alleged.

According to Hollywood Life, despite having fought for the past couple of months over their differences regarding their divorce plans and what actually caused their relationship to fall apart in the first place, T.I. has started to realize that leaving Tiny for good isn’t necessarily what he wants.

The couple has shared an on-again, off-again relationship for the past couple of years, but after Tiny Harris learned about the rappers cheating affairs, she had grown tired of supporting a man that clearly wasn’t committed to their marriage, so she consequently filed for divorce.

Since then, the couple went their own ways, living in separate homes, while T.I. made it no secret he had started seeing Instagram model Bernice Burgos.

And while it was initially claimed that the romance between the two has been going great, it goes without saying that the “Live Your Life” hitmaker misses being with the woman he’s spent almost two decades of his life with.

Aside from that, T.I. also shares children with Tiny, and the love he has for her can never be downplayed, no matter what situation they find themselves in. Being with Bernice has actually made T.I. realize just how badly he wants to make things right with his estranged wife, a source continues.

“He likes to see her sexy photos and guys all over her, it makes him proud that all those dudes are after her, but he’s the one who can have her anytime he wants… [but] his head is still all about Tiny,” a source explains, discussing how T.I. knows he can have Bernice but she’s not exactly who he wants to be with.

It’s believed that T.I. has been seeing Bernice since December, the same month Tiny filed for divorce, and while the relationship was certainly heading off on a great note, it’s recently been said that T.I. and Tiny had gotten rather close again.

Sources added by stressing that the closeness Harris shared with T.I. was alarming to Bernice because she was beginning to get the impression the duo are eventually going to reconcile while the rapper leaves her hanging by herself — that’s supposedly been one of Bernice’s biggest worries.


Well, it looks like her worries are starting to become reality, as explained by Hollywood Life, whose sources claim that T.I. definitely still has feelings for Tiny Harris, and that though he can have Burgos whenever she wants, the model isn’t what T.I. is looking for in a woman.

He’s showing clear signs that he’ll eventually want to reunite with the 41-year-old, but whether she’ll want to be with him again has yet to be determined.

News of T.I.’s reported plans to reconcile with the mother of his children comes just weeks after the singer confirmed she’s in the midst of planning for an Xscape reunion.


Tiny and the rest of her group members will take part in their own reality show prior to traveling the country for what will be a North American tour in the fall.

It seems as if Tiny’s last worries right now is whether she’ll want to get back with T.I. in the near future, E! Online adds. Right now, she’s very much focused on being a businesswoman and getting her career back on track before she even considers the chance of her estranged husband reconciling with her.

What do you think? Will T.I. and Tiny get back together?

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