Gloria Govan: Derek Fisher’s Girlfriend Slept With Laura Govan’s Ex-Husband, Says ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Sister

Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher’s dating relationship is having all sorts of bumps and strange twists. Not only were the two recently in a car crash, but Gloria’s sister, Laura Govan, is claiming that Gloria had sex with her ex-husband, Gilbert Arenas, and Laura claims she’s hurt that her family did not believe her at first.

Scandal may not be something new on a reality TV show like Basketball Wives LA, but this sister feud is burning hotter than it ever was before. After all, Gloria Govan’s sister has been known for being associated with some crazy allegations in the past, including the idea that Laura had an affair with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal many years ago. And now she is going around on various shows to tell everyone that she was molested as a child in addition to the accusations about her sister.

On last weekend’s episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, Gloria Govan’s sister expressed frustration that she was not being allowed to tell her side of the story the way she wanted to. Iyanla claimed that Laura’s reputation “stinks” and asked why Laura did Basketball Wives LA in the first place. Despite having four children, Laura says she felt lonely and wanted an outlet for her feelings, so she joined Basketball Wives LA.

In fact, years ago Laura did not want to be on Basketball Wives at all.

“I didn’t want to do it because I’ve never asked to be in the public eye,” Laura said seven years ago, according to SOUL 101.5. ” I’m educated. I want to make sure that my children have a role model in the sense of whatever that means to me. I want them to see that mommy is doing things other than being behind daddy and going to games and being cute.”

The reason that Gloria Govan’s sister changed her mind about Basketball Wives was because she felt angry and bitter toward Gilbert Arenas. Their nasty breakup has been ongoing for years and two years ago she sued Gilbert, claiming that he kicked her out of their Los Angeles mansion and then sold off her $1 million engagement ring. The child custody battle has Gilbert seeking to have the kids, and although Gilbert was given a court order to pay child support, Iyanla was not very sympathetic, bluntly telling Laura to “give them to him.”

“I felt like you judging me is offensive. I am a great mother,” Laura insisted to Iyanla at one point on the show, according to Urban Belle magazine.

Regardless of the current legal battles, Laura believes the relationship with Gilbert soured after Gloria Govan had sex with her ex-husband. While Laura did not catch Gloria and Gilbert in the act, when speaking to The Jasmine Brand she insisted “there was a lot going on” since Gloria had stayed with Gilbert in Laura’s house “in DC for three days when I wasn’t there.” Laura was asked if she gave permission for her sister to stay at her home while she was away and she was emphatic that wasn’t the case.

“You think I’m going to give her permission?” Laura said. “No. There answer is no and I would never do that you know and that’s what she had done. And you telling me that you wasn’t [having sex]? Girl, bye.”

When Laura sat down on the couch with Iyanla, the parents, Michael and Gloria (who has the same name as the sister), were brought in at one point. The mother did agree that Gilbert is a “manipulator” but also did not believe the sister slept with Arenas. Michael said he argued with his daughter constantly about Gilbert, and in response Laura claimed her father did not believe her when she initially claimed she was molested at age 13 by someone the family knew.

“They don’t want to believe what I feel is real,” Laura said.

The parents denied these claims, instead saying that they believed Laura was molested. However, they denied that she told them about the incident when she was a teenager and instead spoke up about the molestation when she was already grown up.

“She lied about the way she told me,” Michael said.

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When speaking to The Jasmine Brand, Laura talked about the molestation, claiming that such things are “very common… which is really awful.” She believes molestation is “all about control and power” and it still is a part of her to this day.

“Yeah. I was f***ing violated. It’s crazy, I’m not a f***er,” she said. “It still plays a big part. I’m still very protective of me and my body and who I am. For someone that has taken that away from me, I have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

For years she also has had issues related to her parents, especially since they did not initially believe the allegations that her ex-husband slept with her sister. Laura says her parents “do now” believe that Gloria and Gilbert had sex after “they actually sat and listened and understood” following the appearance on the Fix My Life show.

“I feel like sometimes they go where the winds takes them, opposed to parenting,” she said. “That’s f***ed up, but that’s the truth.”

As for the sisterly relationship between Laura and Gloria Govan, the former Basketball Wives LA star says they are “pretty cordial” in person.

“If there is something going on and we have to be in the same room, I’m pretty cool,” Laura explained. “I’m not extra. I don’t hate her. I’ve forgiven her. I don’t trust her. And if I saw her in a fight, it’s going down. But I couldn’t say that a year ago, honestly.”

Derek Fisher’s girlfriend has yet to speak publicly about these sex allegations. The controversial former Laker player and Knicks coach was recently arrested on suspicion of a DUI after a car crash on Sunday morning. Gloria Govan was in the vehicle when it overturned, but fortunately she was not hurt.

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