Forget The Male Romper, Lace Shorts For Men Are Now A Trend

Just weeks after male rompers befuddled the internet, lace shorts for men have become the newest menswear trend for the spring and summer season. The internet was buzzing when the male romper, known as the RompHim, became a fashion trend. Though some scoffed at the idea, orders for the male romper were on the rise. Now, the latest ensemble designed by L.A.-based brand Hologram City is making another fashion trend for men.

Pastel lace shorts for men are the latest fashion craze. These can resemble the romper if you want them to. If you wear the pastel lace shorts with the shirt, you can create the illusion of a romper. Of course, this outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination since it’s quite sheer. Some of the colors and sizes of these outfits are already selling out, reports ABC 7.

Instagram account Sparkie Baby Official first posted the look. The photo features three men wearing the lace shorts in light green, baby blue, and pink. In the caption, it reads, “#LaceyShorts for men are here. Would you wear these gentlemen? Ladies, would you like to see your boyfriend or husband rock one of these?”

Not everyone was a fan of the look. One user wrote, “for the love of God and all that is decent, STOP this madness, Asap! Saying hell no to #laceyshorts for men.”

Another one added, “If I see someone wearing these, I’m running them over with my car.”

Talk about an overreaction alert. However, there were some courageous men who love the look.

“For the men, manly enough for #LaceyShorts, I salute you,” one user wrote.

Hologram City dubs them as “Lacey Shorts” and have already started taken pre-orders. They look just like men’s shorts except they are all-lace and come in pastel colors. Men are not known to wear lace or light colors. This is for the ones who are brave enough to rock this trend. The shorts only cost $49 and come in a variety of pastel shades, reports WJBF.

Metro UK reports that U.S. rapper Cazwell has already gotten his hands on some. He also wants the owner of Hologram City to create this look for his next single. The pre-sale for the shorts and the shirts started at 10 a.m. on June 2. The items will ship out on June 16, just before summer solstice kicks off. It turns out that orders have been through the roof.

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But, that hasn’t stopped people from mocking this trend on social media. Some are already done with the trend before it even started.

“LACE SHORTS for men.. enough is enough tbh,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“First rompers for men, now lace shorts. What next???” another speculated.

“Here for the male romper. Here. For. It,” a third user tweeted. “Hard pass on the lace shorts tho. Men or women. Yikes.”

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This trend already has some people thinking. It looks like the menswear trend is diving into the androgynous style. Some menswear brands and designers are pushing the boundaries as to how men should look and dress. No longer should they wear gender-specific items. Men are looking towards womenswear trends when it comes to looking fresh and feeling cool for the summer.

It’s encouraging to see some brands pushing the limits on gender norms in clothing. It has already happened with Zendaya’s clothing line. Another trend that has been causing a stir on social media is “mantyhose,” which is pantyhose for men, reports WCPO. These tights are designed more for a man’s shape than a woman. A story in the Daily Mail published in 2012 has resurfaced, calling the trend “brosiery.” Since the fad has returned, it has been giving a new name and a new life.

[Featured Image courtesy of Pulse Nigeria Fashion/Instagram]