Harry Styles Was Asked To Be The Face Of A Female Urination Device

Harry Styles was once asked to be a brand ambassador for a device that makes it possible for women to urinate while standing up.

During a recent interview, One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles was asked to reveal the strangest item he was ever asked to endorse. According to the Daily Star, he said that it was definitely the SheWee, a portable plastic funnel that women can use to urinate outdoors without popping a squat. The SheWee company reached out to Harry in 2012, and the brand decided that the best way to woo the singer was to send him a few free samples of its product. However, Harry wasn’t sure what he was expected to do with them.

“They sent me a bunch and I don’t know if I was supposed to do anything with them. I guess I was supposed to give them to my friends.”

While Harry Styles ultimately turned down the opportunity to be the face of the SheWee, he did reward the company with some free advertising by introducing its quirky product to his millions of loyal fans. Most Directioners likely had no clue what it was before Harry casually mentioned it in a tweet.

“Just found a box of SheWee’s in my room,” Styles tweeted.

Harry Styles got the hashtag #SheWee trending worldwide, and UnrealityTV reports that the SheWee company tried to capitalize on its newfound fame by releasing a statement saying that it would offer a 20 percent discount to anyone who entered the coupon code “HarryStyles” at checkout.

Perhaps Harry Styles’ good friend, Rita Ora, warned him against getting involved in the female urination device business. According to the Sun, she described a device similar to the SheWee as one of her “worst investments.” At first, the singer thought that the product was an intriguing idea; she believed it would appeal to music fans who couldn’t get out of line to use the bathroom while waiting to get into a show.


“It was like this health thing for girls that basically when you go to a festival or an outside show where you can wee on the spot so you don’t lose your spot,” Ora said. “It was so you don’t have to go the bathroom and miss your spot – because some people have been waiting for like five hours – so instead of weeing yourself you have this cup that disposes the wee so you can use it later.”

Rita Ora later decided that the product “looked weird,” and she came to the conclusion that it’s easier for women to squat and “wee on the floor.”

However, Harry Styles knows that being able to urinate standing up comes with its advantages. When the paparazzi are following you and you’ve really got to go, all you have to do is turn your back to them and pee on the nearest shrubbery. As the Huffington Post reports, the singer was photographed urinating in some bushes outside Sir Mix-a-Lot’s house a few years ago. As a fitting tribute to the rapper known for his earworm about butts, Harry flashed his bare hindquarters.

Sir Mix-a-Lot saw the photo of Styles, but he didn’t get upset with the cheeky star for watering his greenery. Instead, the “Baby Got Back” singer tweeted that he’s a Directioner and that One Direction is “incredibly talented.”

Urinating outside while standing up may earn you the admiration of a beloved one-hit wonder, but Harry Styles has discovered that using a urinal has its downsides.

“I’m glad I was stood next to you at the urinals..if I had to get someone’s pee splashed on me, I’d much rather have your pee than his pee,” the singer tweeted in 2011.

Perhaps the splash factor had something to do with Harry Styles’ decision to turn down the opportunity to be the face of the SheWee; he was just trying to save his female fans from a future where they’re forced to experience the awkwardness of weeing next to someone and getting a little wet.

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]