Huge Spoiler For Jinder Mahal/Randy Orton Rivalry Heading Into Rematch

At WWE Backlash, Jinder Mahal shocked the world. He beat Randy Orton and became the WWE Champion to the chagrin of much of the WWE Universe. However, India was thrilled to see him win the championship, and the title change was done specifically to market to that audience. For the foreseeable future, WWE will be focused on breaking into the Indian market, which means the WWE Title will stay on Mahal’s shoulder.

Of course, WWE officials could change their minds over the next few weeks if Mahal’s WWE Title reign hits a significant speed bump or loses a ton of momentum. There is a chance that Orton could reclaim the WWE Championship during his rematch at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV. However, there is a new report that shows Randy Orton is expected to lose the match in his hometown of St. Louis-based on recent trends.

It’s been noted that a “hometown curse” has been established over recent WWE history. WWE officials have been on a booking trend that the majority of performers wrestling in their hometown have lost. Bayley, AJ Styles, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and others have all lost big matches at home. Apparently, the powers that be feel that it generates heel heat for the opponent in these situations, but that takes us to Money in the Bank.

Randy Orton is Expected to Lose at WWE Money in the Bank
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With that in mind, WWE Money in the Bank takes place in Randy Orton’s hometown of St, Louis this year, which may be a clear indication that WWE officials are planning to continue their “hometown heroes” trend at the event. On paper, Orton is expected to lose his rematch with Mahal. Based on The Singh Brothers’ role at WWE Backlash, it’s fair to assume that Orton will also be putting over Jinder Mahal clean at that event.

Mahal retaining the WWE Title and gaining a clean victory over The Viper will be an important win for him and his title reign. Here in the United States, Jinder Mahal getting more heat will keep his momentum going into his next rivalry if the feud with Orton is over after WWE Money in the Bank. A clean victory over Orton will legitimize Mahal’s title reign. Not only that, but it’ll help establish Mahal as a top heel on SmackDown.

Meanwhile, the Indian market will continue to view Jinder as a top babyface and their representative. There is an expectation that Mahal’s WWE Title reign will last through the company’s tour in India in September, which means the powers that be are extremely serious about breaking into India. While Mahal’s future looks bright, the WWE Universe have some questions regarding Orton’s future on SmackDown Live this summer.

Randy Orton Will Stand By Bray Wyatt For a While Longer
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It’s been reported that WWE officials view Randy Orton as the top babyface on SmackDown Live. Shinsuke Nakamura is still getting established on the brand and John Cena will be on his hiatus until early July. A lot of people would argue for AJ Styles, but the powers that be don’t seem to feel the same. With Orton leading the charge for “the blue brand,” he’s been expected to receive a “Roman Reigns” push on SmackDown Live.

However, the fans are wondering if everything has changed since The Viper just dropped the WWE Title. He has taken an easier schedule on house shows recently, but WWE Summerslam is also around the corner. It’s unclear what WWE officials have planned for Randy Orton over the summer. The assumption is he will lose his rematch at WWE Money in the Bank. Afterward, creative plans for everyone involved are up in the air.

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