Melania Trump On June 4: Melania In $2,595 Silk Gown At Ford’s Theatre For Gala Amid Affair Rumors [Photos]

First Lady Melania Trump has stepped out for a night on the town, after not being photographed for more than one week. The most recent photos of the first lady filed by photojournalists to photo providers such as Getty Images and the Associated Press, prior to Melania stepping out to a gala at Ford’s Theatre with President Donald Trump on Sunday, June 4, were on Saturday, May 27. Before Melania’s Ford’s Theatre appearance, it had been more than one week since Melania was photographed stepping off of Air Force One with President Donald Trump, when the Trumps returned to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Amid the appearance of the Trumps at the Ford’s Theatre in Washington, Melania has been the center of allegations of affair brought forth by novelist Monica Byrne, as reported by the Inquisitr. The White House has not responded to comments about Byrne’s allegations as of this writing. However, those rumors didn’t stop Melania from going to the Ford’s Theatre in order to help raise funds for the location. And Melania’s silk gown, long and flowing, seemed to steal the show.

“Rendered in silk, this Monique Lhuillier gown features a high neck, cascading short sleeves, and a knot at the bodice.”

As reported by White House Wardrobe via HeavenLM, Melania wore a pretty stunning silk gown, as seen in the photos above. According to the publication, Melania’s gown is designed by Monique Lhuillier, and sold for $2,595. Melania held her gown with one hand aloft as she stepped into the waiting vehicle. The below photo gallery also shows President Trump and Melania onstage at the Ford’s Theatre Annual Gala.

According to , a CBS News White House correspondent, Melania and President Trump have already reached Ford’s Theatre on Sunday evening.


As seen in the following photo from Jennifer Jacobs, a White House reporter for Bloomberg News, President Trump appeared at the reception for Peyton Manning, who won the Lincoln Medal.


As seen on the Ford’s Theatre website, the site had prepared for the gala by closing to the public for periods of time prior to and during the fundraising gala when the Trumps attended.

“The Ford’s Theatre Museum and Theatre will be closed Tuesday, May 30 – Saturday, June 3, 2017; the Petersen House and Aftermath Exhibits will be open. The Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site (Museum, Theatre, Petersen House and Aftermath Exhibits) will be closed on Sunday, June 4, 2017.”

Melania Trump on May 24, in Vatican City [Image by Franco Origlia/Getty Images]

As reported by the Washington Post, the Ford’s Theatre outing represents an outing for President Trump and Melania that features the duo stepping out of the White House and locations with the Trump name on them in order to socialize. The yearly gala helps bring money in for Ford’s Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and as such, plenty of comments are being made on social media about the irony of President Trump visiting such a violent location where a former president met with his death.

Melania and President Trump planned to host a black-tie reception prior to the Ford’s Theatre event. The presence of the president is essential in the viewpoint of Ford’s Theatre, a theater that canceled the fundraiser in 2016 when former President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama couldn’t make the gala. Amid several RSVP invites that received a rejection from Mr. Trump, as reported by the Washington Post, the Ford’s Theatre gala received a positive response.

The fact that President Trump and Melania decided to attend the Ford’s Theatre gala is being called another surprise from an unpredictable administration. President Trump’s admiration of former President Lincoln is also being credited as one likely reason that Mr. Trump showed up to Ford’s Theatre with Melania.

Melania Trump's Recent Photos, Updates: Melania Hasn't Been Photographed Since May 27
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Melania Trump And President Trump’s Buzz Continues

As Melania and President Trump left the White House to attend the reception at Ford’s Theatre on June 4, buzz about their recent turmoil continued to swirl on social media, even as the author Byrne asked journalists to keep researching her adultery assertions.

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