‘Southern Charm’ Liz Madison Still Supports Kathryn Dennis

On last week’s episode of Southern Charm, Elizabeth Madison and Kathryn Dennis were shown having a friendly conversation in a restaurant, during which Liz reiterated her support for Kathryn and Kathryn expressed her gratitude. Liz also became somewhat of a mediator between Kathryn and her ex, Thomas Ravenel, by giving Kathryn a response letter from Thomas in which he agreed to move on from the past and invited her to their son’s upcoming first birthday party. A preview for the upcoming episode to air on Monday night shows that viewers will see Liz accompany Kathryn to the birthday party.

Months after filming for season 4 ended, is Liz still on Kathryn’s side or has, as happened between Kathryn and her former friend Jennifer Snowden, something happened between her and Kathryn to sever the friendship?

After the episode aired, Liz made it clear that she still supports Kathryn. In response to a viewer who said that Kathryn and Liz’s meeting was an example of women supporting women, Liz chimed in that women should always support other women.

In regards to the scene with Kathryn, Liz explained that she sat back enjoying her cake as Kathryn read Thomas’ letter to give her privacy and respect.

When a fan tweeted to Kathryn that she got a bit teary-eyed seeing her vow to become a better person, telling Liz, “nice to meet you again,” Kathryn said that the moment was symbolic of a truly new her.

While others may question Kathryn’s commitment, Liz made it clear that she for one believes Kathryn to be genuine in her desire to change her life and start anew. Liz wrote that the moment was “very authentic.”

One thing that Liz and Kathryn also agree on is how great the restaurant’s food was. Liz shared that she loved the cake even though she doesn’t even eat sweets.

Elizabeth Madison’s husband, J.D. Madison, has been good friends with Thomas Ravenel for years. Liz and J.D., who own businesses in Charleston, including Gentry Bourbon and the Gentry Bar, are even godparents to his first child with Kathryn Dennis, daughter Kensington. Throughout the Southern Charm seasons, the couple has frequently appeared on the show, hosting or appearing at group events.

While Kathryn’s female co-stars Landon Clements and Cameran Eubanks have criticized her, Liz has continually supported her. In one scene in season 3, Liz confronted Kathryn about ignoring her. Kathryn tearfully admitted that she pushed people out of her life because she was going through a lot and didn’t know who she could trust. Kathryn assured Liz that she didn’t do anything wrong. Liz, in turn, reiterated that to Kathryn that she was rooting for her to succeed and that no matter what happens, she would always be there for Kensington.

As a happy couple with four children, J.D. and Liz have also been shown giving Thomas and Kathryn advice on how to navigate their complicated relationship with one another. In a previous episode this season, J.D. and Liz told Kathryn that she should work towards having an amicable co-parenting relationship with Thomas for the sake of their two children together. J.D. pointed out that Kathryn wouldn’t want to continue missing out on her children’s special moments. When Kathryn agreed but said that she didn’t know how to act around Thomas, J.D. and Liz advised her to just treat her interactions with Thomas as business meetings.

Kathryn ended up taking J.D. and Liz’ advice and wrote Thomas an apologetic letter that expressed a desire to move forward and work together for the good of the children. Thomas read the letter to J.D. and admitted that he wasn’t sure if Kathryn was being sincere or just trying to manipulate him again.

Yet Thomas did end up writing Kathryn a response letter, which Liz presented to Kathryn during their meeting in the restaurant, that accepted her apology and agreed that they should put aside their differences for the sake of their children. Thomas even invited Kathryn to their son’s upcoming first birthday party.

Liz’s continued friendship with Kathryn is in stark contrast to what happened between Kathryn and Jennifer Snowden. Kathryn and Jennifer used to be friends, with Jennifer even showing up on the season 3 reunion show as Kathryn’s ally. The friendship deteriorated afterward, leading Jennifer and Kathryn to film one scene for season 4 in which Jennifer asked Kathryn what she did wrong. Kathryn hinted that Jennifer was still lying about what happened between her and Thomas.

As season 4 continues to air, Jennifer has taken to Twitter to criticize Kathryn and defend herself. In one recent tweet, Jennifer said that Kathryn continues to lie about her past with Thomas.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jennifer has also recently tweeted that Kathryn still can’t see her kids because she still uses drugs.

On Monday night’s Southern Charm episode, viewers will see Elizabeth Madison go with Kathryn Dennis to Thomas Ravenel’s birthday party for their son, St. Julien. The preview shows Liz and Thomas warmly greeting one another. Kathryn and Thomas however, who haven’t seen one another in months, greet one another more awkwardly. They make some polite chit chat before Kathryn goes off to her children. Will the rest of the birthday party go as planned or will Kathryn and Thomas have another big public argument?

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