WWE News: Alexa Bliss Reveals Why WWE Officials Overlooked Her Before Coming To Main Roster

Few WWE Superstars have benefited more from WWE’s brand extension than Alexa Bliss. Most WWE fans will admit that they didn’t see anything special in her during her time in NXT. The “fairy” gimmick she used in her early career wasn’t anything. Her transition into a valet for Blake and Murphy brought out a lot of the character you see today, but it was rough during her time in NXT, and Alexa hadn’t found the character yet.

The WWE Universe didn’t expect Little Miss Bliss to take over the entire Women’s division. She has become the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion in history. During an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Bliss discussed how her experience in NXT put a chip on her shoulder.

“I never held the title in NXT, I never even had a Takeover match. I think it put a chip on my shoulder, and it really drove me. I decided that with this opportunity, I was going to come in under the radar and so I’d have to kick down the door. I wasn’t featured as one of the Four Horsewomen, I wasn’t chosen for that opportunity. I wasn’t highlighted like the other women, but I was still there with all of them.

Four HorseWomen Changed the Game in WWE
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“I was there just as long, if not longer, as some of them. I was there before Becky. I came in when Charlotte and Bayley and Sasha were there. I had trained with each and every one of them. I had some of my best matches with Sasha and Bayley. Charlotte took me under her wing when I first got there. I was there for all of it. I just wasn’t featured at that time. So I thought that if I was going to be called to SmackDown, then let them underestimate me and let me come in under the radar so I can kick down the door.”

Alexa Bliss being under the thumb of The Four Horsewomen made a lot of people underestimate her. There is a benefit to that because she came in with low expectations. Considering the performer she’s become over the last year; it’s a testament to her talent and her determination to make the most of her opportunity. Bliss wasn’t held back in NXT, but she wasn’t given the same opportunities that she’s been given on SmackDown.

If nothing else, Alexa Bliss has proved that you can’t judge the potential of a WWE Superstar based solely on their run on NXT programming. With WWE programming under a brand split, there are many other WWE Superstars that can learn from Alexa’s experience. There is a reason why WWE says everything a performer did before making it to the main roster doesn’t matter. The next opportunity is the only one that matters.

Alexa Bliss Has Become the Raw and SmackDown Womens Champion
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At WWE Extreme Rules, Alexa Bliss will defend the Raw Women’s Championship against Bayley. The odds of Bliss losing the championship aren’t high, but a title change could take place. It’s often been said that the performer makes the title, the title doesn’t make the performer. Bliss has built her momentum by winning titles, but her character has become a strong enough heel to have significant heat without a championship.

Ultimately, Bliss wasn’t utilized in NXT because she was not a “Horsewoman.” When she was finally given a chance to succeed, she took a mile out of an inch and carved her own path in WWE. Alexa Bliss may be a top heel on WWE television, but her story is inspirational. At its core, her road to success in an underdog story.

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