‘Big Brother 19’ News: ‘BB19’ Cast Information, Season Premiere Date, Spoilers, And Rumors

Big Brother 19 news reveals there are just 24 days until the BB19 cast first appears on CBS this summer. Big Brother 19 premieres on June 28 with a two-hour episode that will finally give viewers all of the information about the theme and format. It’s been a difficult process for fans to figure out which Big Brother rumors or spoilers are correct lately, especially with several former houseguests posting false information on social media. At least everyone now knows that the first two episodes are going to be packed with footage from the first week in the BB19 house.

Jun Song And Evel Dick Troll Big Brother Fans

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, former Big Brother houseguests Evel Dick and Jun Song have been posting information on Twitter about the BB19 cast. Dick Donato stated that he could confirm that Michelle Meyer will be on Big Brother 19, while Jun Song posted that this would be the final season of the show.

While Meech could end up being a part of the BB19 cast, faked cast lists that were leaked have been refuted by former houseguest Amanda Zuckerman. She posted to Twitter about how she will be busy getting married this summer. This could also be a red herring, indicating that production is going to pay for her wedding, but it seems pretty unlikely at this point.

Big Brother 20 Gets Green Light

It’s unclear why Jun Song was intentionally posting false information to Twitter, but it was easily refuted by a report from CBS. While Big Brother 18 was seeing a nice boost in ratings during the summer 2016 season, the network decided to give an early announcement about what was coming down the line. They announced that not only would Big Brother 19 be airing the following summer, but that Big Brother 20 had received an early renewal notice.

Tracking back to previous comments from Big Brother host Julie Chen, she feels that the BB20 cast would be the perfect opportunity to bring back all the past winners. That could be a really intense season of the show, but production would have to convince people like Ian Terry to come back, as he has indicated he won’t be returning for a “second chance” on the show. Could he pass up the opportunity to prove he was the best contestant in the history of the program?

Big Brother 19 Schedule

When it comes to specific information about the Big Brother 19 schedule, fans will be excited to learn that episodes will return to a very familiar format. Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will serve as Big Brother nights on CBS, beginning with the two-hour season premiere on June 28.

Sundays will be used to reveal the weekly nominations for eviction, Wednesdays will focus on the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony, and then Thursdays will have the Eviction Ceremony and Head of Household (HOH) Competitions. There is a chance that a new game like Road Kill could get added to the Big Brother 19 format, but it will also easily slide into the familiar schedule.

Big Brother 19 Cast Rumors

There have been quite a few BB19 cast rumors, with most of them stating that there will be at least a few returning houseguests for summer 2017. While none of this information has been confirmed by CBS or the production team, it would make sense for the network to bring back around 12 new houseguests and augment them with about four returners.

Host Julie Chen and casting director Robyn Kass have dropped a lot of hints on social media this summer, ranging from photos of past houseguests to noting how Big Brother 19 casting had been going. A number of wide casting calls were done by the production team, leading a lot of fans to believe that an entirely new cast could be on the show this summer. None of those BB19 cast rumors have been confirmed though.

Big Brother 18 Recap

For Big Brother 18, producers had four returning houseguests join a group of 12 new houseguests. The returners were James Huling, Nicole Franzel, Frank Eudy, and Da’Vonne Rogers. Nicole ended up beating Paul Abrahamian in a jury vote to win the $500,000 prize, meaning another contestant returning to the game ended up winning the grand prize.

While viewers had been opposed to seeing a new season that relied heavily on former houseguests, Big Brother 18 worked in the four returners as a twist. They each entered the season individually after the new 12 houseguests had been in the game for a short while. That is a twist that could easily be used again.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers And BB19 House Tour

There are a lot of Big Brother 19 spoilers floating around the internet and social media. They range from a completely new cast to a complete BB19 cast of All-Stars. None of them have been confirmed and CBS is doing a great job at keeping everything under wraps. Possible BB19 cast lists have mostly been shown to be fake and a lot of former houseguests are very active on Twitter, suggesting they won’t be returning. Answers should be coming out within the next two weeks about the main components of the season.

It won’t be long until host Julie Chen reveals the Big Brother 19 house on an episode of her show The Talk. That will be the first BB19 house tour, giving viewers and live feed subscribers a look at how things will play out this summer. Shortly after that, the full (and official) BB19 cast list will come out, answering all the questions that fans have about the game this summer. Until that information starts coming out, though, most of the current Big Brother 19 rumors are all fans have to talk about on social media.

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