‘Alaskan Bush People’: Is Noah Brown Secretly Engaged To His Girlfriend Rhain?

With less than two weeks to go before Alaskan Bush People Season 7 premieres, more Brown family secrets are being revealed. A new photo of Noah Brown has recently surfaced, hinting that the youngest son of Billy and Ami could now be engaged to his girlfriend of less than six months.

Are Noah and Rhain Secretly Engaged?

The photo shows Noah and his girlfriend Rhain posing for a selfie. Rhain’s left hand is conspicuously positioned in such a way that it seems as if she’s displaying it. Although the photo is somewhat blurred, Rhain’s left ring finger clearly shows a sparkly diamond ring.

The picture was posted by the Facebook fan page Alaskan Bush People Exposed last Friday. Fans were quick to spot the ring and left their congratulatory messages in the comments section.

However, not all fans are buying the story. Some were doubtful of Noah and Rhain’s relationship and questioned whether they will last for good. One fan in particular commented that this is just “a fake storyline for a fake show.”

“Just another fake story line for a fake show. You can never be sure if anything these people do is original, or made for [a] television plot twist.”

Noah and Rhain’s Love Story

Ruth Alisha “Rhain” Merril, 26, was first introduced as Noah Brown’s latest lady love in Alaskan Bush People last January. She hails from Oregon, and loves the outdoors just like the Brown family.

Noah, the 24-year-old son of Billy and Ami Brown is portrayed in the show as this hopeless romantic fellow who writes songs about love and heartaches. According to Alaska Dispatch News, Noah described his first encounter with Rhain as being more than magical.

“Usually people say that when you see a beautiful woman that you are instantly attracted to, something is magical there, that your heart will skip a beat. That’s not true. My heart wasn’t working. I guess it started beating.”

Alaskan Bush People Season 6 ended with a cliffhanger about Noah and Rhain’s status. Noah had to decide if he’s taking Rhain with him back to Browntown, because she was already thinking of going back to her home in Oregon.

With this recent photo of them together, it looks like Noah made his choice. Did he pop the question already, and did Rhain say yes?

However, some fans can’t help but think if their relationship is indeed for real. Before Rhain, Noah was linked to a brunette beauty named Karryna Kauffman. Karryna was later exposed to be an actress and model in real life, Radar Online reported.

Brown Family Faces Its ‘Darkest Hour’

Alaskan Bush People returns with an all-new season this month. Discovery Channel has dubbed this new season as the Browns’ “darkest hour.” In the teaser, Billy Brown is heard saying that their family is making major changes this year.

“For years, the bush has been our home. But now, everything has changed. My wife Ami is sick. We’re gonna have to leave Alaska.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Ami Brown has late stage lung cancer and is currently in Los Angeles undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Reportedly, she has not responded to the medications as well as the family hoped.

Meanwhile, Billy and Ami’s eldest son Matt was recently involved in an accident at Browntown. His fridge blew up after he put a mason jar with gunpowder and explosives inside. As a result, Matt had to have nine staples in his head and is said to be in a critical condition.

With Ami Brown being terminally sick, there are rumors that this would be the last season of Alaskan Bush People. In fact, fans were surprised that the show was being renewed so soon, as Season 6 has just wrapped up last Feburary.

Alaskan Bush People Season 7 airs on June 14 on Discovery Channel.

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