Watch April The Giraffe And Taj Live Sunday-Friday As Animal Adventure Park Extends Live Cam Hours [Videos]

If you haven’t been getting your daily April the giraffe fix, you’re in luck. The Animal Adventure Park (AAP) announced they’re extending the live cam hours and you can now watch April, Oliver, and their calf Taj from Sunday to Friday each week. The news was met with a welcome response by those who missed watching the giraffe family on a daily basis, as well as their interactions with Animal Adventure Park staff Jordan Patch, Allysa Swilley, and Corey Dwyer.

The Animal Adventure Park and giraffes April, Oliver, and Tajiri “Taj” have become beloved by millions worldwide. The cam began streaming on Feb. 10, and over several weeks went viral, making April the giraffe the most popular live giraffe. April’s fame is only paralleled by Toys “R” Us mascot Geoffrey.

April was nearing the end of her pregnancy when the cam went live, and the anticipation for her upcoming birth caused it to go viral. Each day people watched and waited for signs of labor. Meanwhile, Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch used the cam as an opportunity to increase animal awareness. The official Animal Adventure Park Facebook page grew to over 1.5 million followers, and Patch would share bits of giraffe history, knowledge, and facts in daily Facebook updates. Patch announced via YouTube the return of the live giraffe cam Sundays through Fridays, along with a special feature that will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays that will promote animal awareness for other breeds.

You may watch the live giraffe cam as it streams Sunday through Friday in the video player below. You may also scroll through the playlist by clicking the three lines in the upper left-hand corner and watch other videos, including the announcement video.


Upstate New York visited the Animal Adventure Park and captured wonderful, behind-the-scenes footage of April the giraffe, Taj, and Jordan Patch. You may watch that video in the player below.

April gave birth to Tajiri on April 15, 2017. After two months of waiting and watching April’s every move, her labor began quickly, and within one hour, Taj’s hooves hit the ground. The event was watched by more than 15 million people and became one of the most watched live events in YouTube history. After Taj was born, the Animal Adventure Park turned their focus away from the live cam and towards the opening of their park for their fifth season. With construction underway and inclement New York weather hampering their plans, Jordan Patch made the decision to take the live cam down.

After several weeks, the live cam returned on Tuesdays between the hours of 4 p.m. ET-8 p.m. ET. Still, the return of the cam once per week wasn’t enough to satisfy the need to watch April and Taj that many fans had developed. The news that the live giraffe cam will be available to watch six days per week was met with cheers and appreciation.

In addition to the return of the live giraffe cam, the Animal Adventure Park also announced they would run the super chat feature again. To access the chat feature, you need to view the live cam via YouTube. Once on the live YouTube feed, you’ll see the chat feature to the right of the screen. The Animal Adventure Park is a for-profit organization, but that hasn’t stopped people from donating money to their facility. The super chat features allow people to make monetary donations to the Animal Adventure Park. It’s important to realize that since the Animal Adventure Park is not a non-profit organization, any donations made are not tax deductible.

Are you going to watch the live giraffe cam today? Are you excited that the giraffe cam is back Sunday through Friday? Check out the live video between 4 p.m. ET and 8 p.m. ET here or on YouTube.

[Featured Image by PhotoStock-Israel/Shutterstock]