Wonder Woman Vs Thor: Gal Gadot And Chris Hemsworth Agree On Who'd Win In Speculative Battle

Speculative battles have always been a staple discussion among superhero fans. Some of the most popular ones include Batman vs. Superman, Wolverine vs. Batman, and Superman vs. Wonder Woman. Some even discuss speculative battles between characters who don't share the same universe (DC or Marvel), and it's just as well since these battles might not likely happen in the movies-- at least, canon wise. That said, a large number of superhero fans have been debating for decades over who would win between Thor and Wonder Woman if the two ever fought it out.

Perhaps the debates will never end, but Gal Gadot, who plays the titular character in the Wonder Woman film, is quite confident that the iconic DC heroine would come out as the victor in a hypothetical battle with Marvel's God of Thunder. She was so confident of Wonder Woman's chances that she even asked Chris Hemsworth his opinion on who would win in the fight should it happen, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

"They ask me, who would win? Wonder Woman or Thor?" the 32-year-old actress asked in a video tweeted by Katie Couric on Friday. "And I think it's Wonder Woman, Don't you, Chris?"

It didn't take long for Chris Hemsworth to respond, as he tweeted back, saying, "I think she'd kick Thor's a**."

The 32-year-old actress then replied to The Avengers actor, saying that their respective versions of the iconic characters should battle it out.

"I always knew you were a smart guy :) But I think it's worth a fight. We should collide worlds."
As established, this battle can never happen, unless Disney buys the character rights to Wonder Woman or Warner Bros. buys Thor's. Still, it would be something to see. Thor is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe, and not many characters, either from DC or Marvel, can stand up to him. Wonder Woman, however, is no regular superhero. Trained from childhood in the arts of war and granted powers by the gods to become Themyscira's champion, Wonder Woman is one of DC's most powerful superheroes, even beating Superman on numerous occasions.

As expected, many Twitter users gushed over the possibility of the fight ever taking place, and some weighed in on who they think would win in the speculative battle not long after Gadot and Hemsworth's exchange.

Chris Pine -- who plays World War I spy and Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor -- probably won't like to see the Amazon princess appearing in the same universe as the God of Thunder. In an interview with Collider, the actor took a dig at Marvel's upcoming superhero film extravaganza, Avengers: Infinity War, in order to emphasize what sets Wonder Woman apart as a superhero movie.

"Like I know there's a thing called Infinity War coming out, which is like 'Really? Like, Infinity War? We need more war for all time?' So I thought at the heart of this is a woman who's about love and compassion, and love trumps all, and how great is that? That's a pretty crazy, awesome thing," Pine said.

Wonder Woman has certainly become a major success for the DCEU on all fronts. Not only was it able to snag $39 million at the U.S. box office on Friday, it also received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and fans alike. As of this writing, the film has an overall average rating of 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, becoming the highest-rated movie DC movie yet.

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will also appear in the upcoming Justice League movie, which comes out on November 19. An official sequel to the first Wonder Woman film is yet to be announced.

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