Manchester Bombing At Ariana Grande’s Concert ‘Highly Similar’ To Paris Terrorist Attack

There is a strong similarity between the Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert and the 2015 Paris terrorist attack, reports reveal. The bomb used in Manchester is strikingly similar to the ones used in Paris. The latest update puts a question mark on the Greater Manchester police’s suggestion that it was a lone attack in Manchester.

According to police, 22-year-old suicide bomber Salman Ramadan Abedi largely acted alone in the Manchester terror attack. He traveled from Libya to Britain and detonated a bomb at the Ariana Grande concert. The explosion killed 22 and injured 116 others. Salman was born to Libyan parents in Manchester. However, his parents moved back to the Libyan capital recently.

It is believed that the young extremist went to Libya just before he launched the Manchester attack. Investigations suggest that Salman got the final instructions about the attack. It is also believed that he had a meeting with Libya-based extremists who were involved in the Paris attacks. But, Greater Manchester Police still suggested that he primarily acted alone during the four days of his stay prior to the Manchester attack.

The suggestion is now challenged by a security source, who claims that it was not Abedi who designed the bomb used for the bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert. He just detonated it. The source also claims that the 22-year-old did not even put the bomb together, the source claims.

The Paris terrorist attack took place in November 2015.

According to the security source, there was somebody who helped Abedi during the process. It is believed that person has “significant bomb making experience.” It was similar to what happened during the Paris terrorist attack in November 2015, the source revealed to The Mail on Sunday.

“In security jargon, the fingerprints on the Manchester and Paris devices are the same.”

The claim definitely is alarming for those who thought the threat had been eliminated. What is more convincing is that Raffaello Pantucci agrees with the version given by the security source. The director of International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute think-tank does not believe that it was Abedi who “planned and conducted the attack in a vacuum.”

“There are usually commanders, steering from a distance.”

Police believe that Abedi stored explosives in a fridge, which is being searched at a landfill site near Manchester. The fridge had apparently been removed from the student accommodation in Rusholme before a flat was searched. Police have arrested a man from that area as well. The FBI has reportedly sent around 12 agents to work with British detectives on analyzing the “terrorist chatter” on the internet.

The striking similarity between the Manchester terror attack and the Paris attack is particularly disturbing after the London attack a few hours back. Three extremists killed six people and injured at least 48 more in an unprecedented attack. The attackers have, however, been shot dead by police. According to police, the three attackers were wearing fake bomb vests, the BBC reported.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called it “a deliberate and cowardly attack on innocent Londoners.” British Prime Minister Theresa May has called the attack “dreadful,” while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn found it “brutal and shocking.”

Under the circumstances, it is critical to go deep into the details about the alleged similarity between the Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert and the 2015 Paris terrorist attack. Otherwise, there could be more serious attacks on European soil.

There is a strong similarity between the Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande's concert and the 2015 Paris terrorist attack

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