Foxconn Insider Confirms iPhone 8 Specs And Design Rumors, Touch ID At The Back Not True

A Reddit user who claims to be an insider from Foxconn, Apple’s supplier, just revealed a bunch of information about the Cupertino company’s upcoming products, including the iPhone 8 that many are curious about. The tipster verified his identity to the moderators, increasing the authenticity of every information he just dumped onto the thread.

iPhone 8 Will Not Have A Fingerprint Sensor At The Back

Following a slew of leaks and rumors pointing to the Touch ID being at the back of the iPhone 8, the Foxconn insider assured fans that those are not true. Apple is reportedly putting it on the front, embedded in the screen as expected.

This means that the back will have nothing but the dual cameras and the logo, which will make for a sleek device. Although putting the fingerprint sensor at the back is the usual option of mobile companies, it disrupts the otherwise clean look of their smartphones.

The insider further confirmed that the iPhone 8’s final design will be similar to the leaked prototypes we kept seeing. So far, the leaks are consistent in showcasing a device with 2.5D glass panels at the front and back with vertical dual cameras. That is, of course, apart from the unattractive models that have the Touch ID at the back. According to BGR, the final product will be nearly identical to the prototype below by another tipster named Benjamin Geskin.

The leaker further clarified that the renders of the iPhone 8, 7S, and 7S Plus are close to accurate. It is unknown, however, what the differences are between the final product and the photos on the internet. The insider kept repeating “more glass,” and we don’t know exactly what that means.

iPhone 8 To Sport Interesting Features

Aside from the design, the leaker also kindly confirmed some specs and features of the iPhone 8. We know that the smartphone is going to have an updated processor, but it seems that the RAM amount is to stay the same at 3GB.

The front-facing camera module also includes a retina scanner and facial recognition, both of which will be used for biometrics authentication. It also looks like wireless charging is a go, which is apparently why the iPhone 8’s rear is made of glass.

The revelations do not stop there. The iPhone 8 is also said to have water resistance and a Lightning port as opposed to previous rumors saying that Apple is finally adopting USB Type-C.

And that’s about it. The Foxconn insider also talked about glasses with AR capabilities, the discontinuation of the MacBook Air line and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. There are a couple of details about the upcoming iPhone 7S and 7S Plus as well, though not as interesting as the iPhone 8. The leaker only confirmed that both still have aluminum chassis and the same design as their predecessors.

iPhone 8 Release Date Still Unconfirmed

Unfortunately, all those information did not include the iPhone 8’s release date. There have been rumors of a delay, putting the reveal until later in the fourth quarter of the year. Yet, there are reports that are confident in an official reveal in September alongside the new iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

But the insider is not shutting his mouth yet, so details about the launch might come up in the next few days. If not, we’ll have to wait until September to see if Apple is ready by then to unveil one of its most anticipated iPhones to date.

What do you think of these exposed details? Are you liking the iPhone 8 based on the above design and specs?

[Featured Image by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images]