'Little Couple' Family Updates: Jen Arnold, Bill Klein Enjoy Family Time As Fans Wait For News On Show Return

Stacy Carey

It has been quite some time now since TLC was able to air new episodes of The Little Couple starring Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey. An intense legal battle has been playing out off-screen that has kept the series off the air, but the family has been having fun in real life, and they have been sharing a few updates lately that fans will not want to miss.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, LMNO Productions and Discovery, which owns TLC, are in a fierce legal fight over The Little Couple. In addition, Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein recently initiated some legal filings of their own related to the situation. There have been some hints that filming has been taking place, but at this point, there is no indication of when the family might be able to be featured in new episodes on TLC again.

Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey may not be sharing a look at their everyday lives via reality television at the moment, but Arnold and Klein do share fun tidbits via their social media pages. Will and Zoey were recently in the wedding for the family's nanny Kate, and the Little Couple stars looked adorable in their fancy outfits.

As many Little Couple fans will remember, Jen's parents were living in Houston for quite some time and were heavily involved in both Bill's business and in helping with the kids. However, they have since moved back to Florida and having "NaiNai" back for a visit was definitely a treat for Will and Zoey.

The Little Couple fans know that Jen travels quite a bit for conferences related to her work and that has been the case again in recent days. Bill is in charge as nanny Kate is on her honeymoon, and the Little Couple star stepped up to play princess with Zoey.

After the last episodes of The Little Couple had aired on TLC, there was talk that Jen and Bill might be ready to wrap up the reality TV side of their lives. However, Arnold had shared a bit via Twitter with fans indicating that they would be returning. Unfortunately, this legal battle began shortly after that, and Jen and Bill haven't been able to say anything specific that can ease the worries of viewers regarding the show's potential return.

There is no telling when this battle involving LMNO Productions and Discovery will be resolved. Now that Arnold and Klein have filed legal papers as well, it could take a while to sort out. However, it seems clear that Discovery, Jen Arnold, and Bill Klein are all anxious to see The Little Couple airing again. Stay tuned for more updates on when the show will hopefully return along with tidbits regarding Will and Zoey's adventures as the family continues to share glimpses of their everyday lives.