Youngest Manchester Bombing Victim’s Mother Wakes Up From Coma; Family Now Working To Recover

At just eight years old, Saffie Rose Roussos was the youngest victim of the Manchester bombing, which took place at the Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert on May 22. The event was especially tragic for her family, as not only had they just lost their child, but the child’s mother, 48-year-old Lisa Roussos, was in a medically induced coma following injuries from the attack. The mother of two was also on a life support machine for several days, and it was touch and go whether or not she would survive her injuries.

Lisa Roussos was attending the concert with Saffie and her other daughter, Ashlee Bromwich, when the attack happened. It appears the oldest daughter was also injured in the attack, and it has been reported that she is “out of danger” herself. Both remain in the hospital at this time while they recover, but they are expected to leave the hospital at some point.

Mike Swanson, a friend of the family, recently updated everyone and said that Lisa was now awake and beginning her long recovery journey. He said she was still herself, which was a great relief to their family and close friends.

Swanson was asked if Lisa was aware of Saffie’s death following the Manchester attack and he responded, “The truth is, at this moment is, it’s a very complex situation and all I can say is that she is ‘aware of the situation.'”

Mike Swanson has kept an open profile on Facebook to keep family and friends informed of what is going on with the Roussos family. He recently posted a photo of several beautiful floral arrangements, and stated that “the girls have named it Saffie’s garden.” It seems Swanson was close to the family through his own daughters.

His Facebook post updating on Lisa’s recovery read:

“So nobody gets second-hand news we have spoke with andrew today and I can confirm that amazing news Lisa roussou saffie roussou Mum is awake and out of surgery, she is talking, and is fully aware of the situation and is now out of any danger, I am very proud of the strength that Lisa and andrew have as a couple their bravery though this is commendable. They are all now together ashley the eldest daughter is also out of danger and is talking to her mother. Now they can start to deal and rebuild their lives, I hope this news will make everyone smile as this is the best news we’ve had through this tragedy. (sic)”

Swanson has changed his profile picture to Saffie and what appear to be his daughters goofing off in the car before the Manchester attack.

He said it has been difficult for his young children to comprehend the death of their young friend, but that he has told them to remain positive in the face of this horrific tragedy.

“I said to my little girl — my little girl is only 10 — I said, ‘Look, Saffie can change the world. She has changed the world. She is on everyone’s thoughts. Everyone’s mind.”

“Even those stars that you both used to try and attract or tweet to, or upload YouTube videos to get them to notice them — all of them have noticed them now. Your friend Saffie is famous and she’s going to change the world by that, even though this has happened,” he said of the Manchester attacks.

The Manchester attack claimed the lives of 22 people, including young Saffie. 119 were injured. Since the attack, the Queen, Prince William, and Ariana Grande have come to visit those who have been in the hospital recovering from the blast.

[Featured Image by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images]