Brad Pitt Is Reportedly Removing All Symbols Of Angelina Jolie, As She Vows Never To Go Back To Him

Brad Pitt is starting a new life following his divorce with Angelina Jolie. The 53-year-old actor is reportedly clearing away anything that reminds him of Jolie — even if that means removing his tattoos — and it’s all because she vowed to never take him back.

According to Be, the World War Z star has a few tattoos that remind him of Jolie. This includes Jolie’s birthday near his groin and a drawing she did on his lower back. The estranged couple also got matching tattoos months before their shocking breakup last September. Whether Pitt covers them up or removes them altogether, he’s permanently removing Jolie’s influence from his life.

“He’s making appointments to remove the tattoos he got for Angie. He’s ready for a fresh start and wants that reflected on his skin,” an insider revealed. “It’s going to take at least a year to get rid of them, and they’ll leave scars. He may just cover them up, but he has so many about Angie, he’ll end up needing a lot of huge pieces.”

The reports of Pitt’s tattoo removal follows Jolie promise to never take him back. Hollywood life reported that Jolie isn’t interested in dating at the moment, especially when it comes to rekindling things with her ex-husband. Although she is happy that Pitt is doing better, she is focused on raising her kids and creating the best environment for them. Pitt and Jolie share six children — Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 11 and 8-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

“She’s been through hell, but she’s determined to come out stronger,” the insider stated. “She’s confided to her own friends that Brad broke her heart and that she’s still angry at him for throwing his family away.”

Jolie might still be angry with Brad Pitt, but she isn’t turning her back completely. The actress allegedly bought a $25 million mansion a few blocks from Pitt’s lavish estate in Los Feliz so the kids could be closer to their father. The two are obviously never getting back together, but it looks like they are willing to play nice for the kids.

According to E! News, Pitt’s relationship with Jolie has greatly improved over the past few months. After the two fought a nasty custody battle in the early weeks of their divorce, the estranged couple is determined to get their lives back to normal and raise their kids to the best of their abilities. In fact, Jolie recently spoke about what being a mother means to her and how she wants to be a good example for her children.

“It is the greatest gift and responsibility,” she stated. “It means doing everything that you can to live by your values and try to be an example to your children. But really the only way I know to raise them is to really listen. It’s perhaps the most important thing any parent can do.”

Brad Pitt poses with his children Pax, Shiloh, and Maddox along with parents Jane and William Pitt.
Brad Pitt poses with his children Pax, Shiloh, and Maddox along with parents Jane and William Pitt. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Jolie has not commented on the recent developments in her divorce. Pitt, on the other hand, recently dished on the breakup and took a lot of the blame for what happened. The actor admitted to having alcohol problems and revealed that he underwent counseling and saw specialists to help him recover from his addiction. He has not said anything about getting his tattoos removed.

Pitt is currently promoting his new movie War Machine and has a number of different projects underway. Jolie, meanwhile, just wrapped her latest film, First They Killed My Father, and just inked a promotional gig with Guerlain’s Mon Guerlain perfume. She is also expected to star in Maleficent 2.

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