Brother Of The ‘Butcher Of Brooklyn’ Child Killer Murdered Inside Home Where Little Boy’s Body Was Found?

The body of Tzvi Aron, the brother of the “Butcher of Brooklyn,” Levi Aron, is believed to have been found inside the same home where the remains of 8-year-old Lieby Kletzky were discovered after he was brutally murdered in 2011. The dead body of an adult male was bound with duct tape, wrapped up in a blanket, and placed inside a basement closet.

Tzvi Aron, 29, was reported missing on Tuesday. Although the body has not yet officially been identified, a law enforcement source told the New York Post the deceased is the brother of the Butcher of Brooklyn. Family members found the body on Friday afternoon.

“He ran out of the house screaming, ‘my brother, my brother,’ ” Aron residence neighbor Kathleen Henderson, said to local reporters after witnessing another brother frantically exit the home. “It was spooky. Everyone keeps an eye on that house for obvious reasons. No one trusted them after that incident with the little boy.”

Tzvi Aron lived alone in the basement of the family home in Brooklyn. Aron reportedly received threatening phone calls both last month and in December, according to the New York Daily News. The caller claimed he was going to burn down the home. The motive behind the alleged threats remains unclear, but could be related to the murder of Lieby Kletzky, an act committed by Aron’s brother, the Butcher of Brooklyn.

Lieby Kletzky was kidnapped, murdered, and dismembered by Levi Aron when the boy was just eight years old. Some of Kletzky’s remains were found inside the Brooklyn home. Levi ultimately confessed to second degree murder and kidnapping charges and pleaded guilty during his August 2012 trial. The little boy’s Orthodox Jewish parents agreed to the plea deal offered to their son’s killer.

Levi Aron, now 40, kidnapped the 8-year-old boy from a Borough Park street a year before he pleaded guilty to the crime. Lieby was walking home alone from camp for the first time, had gotten lost, and stopped Aron to ask for directions.

Aron, a hardware store clerk, held the little boy captive inside the residence for more than a day. Levi then drove Lieby to a wedding in Rockland County. The Butcher of Brooklyn told police investigators he panicked after he realized a massive search was underway for the missing child.

He decided to drug Lieby Kletzky and then smother him with a towel. After the child was dead Aron dismembered him and put most of the boy’s remains inside a suitcase that was later discovered in a dumpster about a mile from his Brooklyn home.

Levi Aron kept Kletzky’ feet, which were later found inside a freezer in the home where Tzvi Aron’s body was just reportedly found. The shocking murder and disturbing treatment of the child’s body polarized the predominantly Hasidic community in the Borough Park neighborhood.

Brother of ‘The Butcher of Brooklyn’, the killer who dismembered an 8-year-old boy, found dead in a closet

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During a jailhouse interview in 2011, the Butcher of Brooklyn was asked if he wanted to apologize for the gruesome murder of Lieby Kletzky. Aron remained silent for an extensive amount of time and then only said he “sometimes” hears voices. He refused to elaborate on what the alleged voices say to him.

The results of a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation indicated Levi Aron is both a confused and troubled man who suffers from a “personality disorder.” The examination report also noted Aron’s sister died while undergoing treatment at a psychiatric institution for schizophrenia.

After Levi Aron’s arrest Tzvi defended his family during interviews with the press. The brother of the Butcher of Brooklyn claimed the rest of the family had no idea about Levi’s savage nature.

“It’s all based on assumptions. People who know us know we’re a good family,” Tzvi Aron told reporters.

Levi Aron is currently serving a sentence of 40 years to life at the Sullivan Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison.

New York police investigators are treating the death of Tzvi Aron as a homicide. The body has now been removed from the home and transported to the medical examiner’s office. The streets around the Aron home were blocked off for the bulk of yesterday afternoon so law enforcement officers could gather evidence.

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