iPhone 8 Design Leak That Shows Touch ID At The Back Likely Fake

The iPhone 8’s design has been the subject of debates for months now, yet there is still quite a long way to go before it is finally unveiled. The purported leaks and insider info back up each other, though, so people have a general idea of what the 10th anniversary iPhone will look like. What remains uncertain is the placement of the fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 8 Touch ID

There are numerous leaks of alleged iPhone 8 prototypes showing a full display at the front and vertically-arranged dual cameras at the back. The absence of the home button means that the Touch ID has to go somewhere and if not at the back like in the Samsung Galaxy S8, it will likely be embedded in the screen.

This is reportedly what the Samsung flagship was originally going for, but technological hurdles and lack of time forced the South Korean tech giant to use its fall back design option, which is what the Galaxy S8 looks like today. Because the iPhone 8 is not due until the third quarter, Apple might just have enough time to develop this tech, leading to a flawless look at the front and back.

However, iPhone 8 prototypes with the fingerprint scanner at the back, just under the Apple logo, have also been appearing. An example of such is the supposed leak below as reported by 9to5Mac, which looks nothing like ones before it.

The back features the vertical dual-camera set-up at the top left and the Apple logo as well as the Touch ID in the middle. An interesting detail is the antenna line, which goes around the edges of the phone. The front looks very different from previous leaks as there are still bezels. Instead, the same screen in the iPhone 7 is present, just extended to the bottom.

The responses of the mobile community are not exactly favorable. Some people have called it ugly, with the others calling the leak fake. To be fair, it is probably an early prototype that Apple has already discarded (hopefully). The design that fans are used to seeing has a metal casing sandwiched between two 2.5D glass, seen below.

iPhone 8 Display

Meanwhile, notorious tipster Benjamin Geskin posted another look at the upcoming iPhone 8 through a drawing with measurements. According to the leak, the handset’s screen will be about 135.08 mm (5.32-inch) tall and 62.46 mm (2.46-inch) wide. The screen size should be at 143.77 mm (5.66-inch) with rounded corners, so approximately 5.8 inches in full.

The sketch looks pretty much like the iPhone 8 design that has been popping up all over the internet. BGR has also noted that the measurements are spot on, citing credible sources who say that the 10th anniversary iPhone will have a 5.8-inch display.

iPhone 8 Size

The leaked iPhone 8 screen measurements are also in line with previous rumors suggesting that it will be slightly bigger than the iPhone 7S yet still smaller than the 7S Plus. As can be seen in the renders below, the S variants will still sport the home button with no noticeable difference than their predecessors.

iPhone 8 Release Date

The latest iPhone 8 release date rumor is from Geskin yet again, who claims that the Keynote event will be held on September 17. The official release will then follow about a week later, on September 25. It is worth noting that the date falls on a Sunday, while the past events were held either on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the Inquisitr reported. The launch is also too close to the event, but the tipster might be referring to the start of pre-orders.

Q3 2017 is only a couple of months away, so fans might see the iPhone 8 soon if the tipster’s words prove to be true. While there are reports saying that it might be delayed to Q4, Apple is the only one that can confirm these rumors.

[Featured Image by Kiichiro Sato/AP Images]