August 9, 2016
Kylie Jenner To Cover Tyga's Rent Money Amid Warrant For Rapper's Arrest: 'KUWTK' Star Worried

Kylie Jenner is being quite the supportive girlfriend, having told her boyfriend, Tyga, that she's willing to cover the majority of his previous rent bills so that the rapper doesn't end up facing time behind bars.

A judge filed a warrant for Tyga's arrest for having failed to pay back over $400,000 in back payments concerning the previous home he stayed at. The landlord has been chasing Tyga for years, but the icing on the cake came when the father of one gushed about having spent close to $300,000 on a Maybach for his girlfriend, HuffPost reveals.

Kylie Jenner ended up boasting about it on social media, leaving the landlord fuming. So now that things have gotten serious between Tyga and the money he owes his former landlord, the "Rack City" rapper could potentially face some time in jail, having failed to make the payment that has been required of him for a rather long time.

Hollywood Life is claiming that Kylie Jenner is reportedly willing to cover half of the amount, hoping that the charges against Tyga can go away once and for all so that the twosome can move on and live their life in peace. Of course, these charges wouldn't be there had Tyga paid the money he owed, but according to sources, Kylie is making moves to help her boyfriend out.

"Things are so on the up and up with Kylie [Jenner] and Tyga it's not even funny. She's loves that man so much and doesn't want to see him in any trouble, let alone the inside of a jail cell. Kylie's got stupid money," a source gushed, insinuating that Tyga's financial crisis isn't an issue for the socialite.

Tyga has treated her so good over the years that Kylie is willing to return the favor and make sure that her beau avoids jail time at all costs. So far, she's made it known that she'll be footing the bill for half of the money Tyga owes his landlord, just so that the rapper knows he has his girlfriend's full support with this.

"She's probably got about half a million tucked in the cushions of her couch. She's really considering paying Tyga's debt because she loves him. It's not about the money. She genuinely wants to help him so that he can focus on his career and not have so much stuff looming over his head."
Fans on Twitter have mentioned that Kylie Jenner spending $200,000 to help cover Tyga's rent bills seems fair, especially when considering all of the gifts the rapper has bought the TV personality over the years. From watches to cars, designer clothes — to say that Tyga has spoiled Kylie since they started dating would be an understatement, fans believe.

And considering that Kylie genuinely thinks her relationship with Tyga isn't going to end anytime soon, she has no reason not to help the 26-year-old out of a rather sticky situation. One that could see him locked up for refusing to pay his landlord the money he has owed for several years.

Do you think that Kylie Jenner using her own money to help Tyga out with his rent bills is a wise decision? The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is under the impression that she somewhat owes her boyfriend her financial support for all the things he has done for her, but do you agree?

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]