Lee Majors And Lindsay Wagner Reunite For New Movie: Six Million Dollar Man And Bionic Woman Together Again

Lee Majors has reunited with his former TV co-star Lindsay Wagner for a new movie more than 40 years after they first co-starred together in a two-part episode of Majors’ career-defining series back in 1975.

Majors, who starred as Col. Steve Austin in the popular 1970s action drama, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Wagner, who starred as Jamie Sommers in the spinoff series The Bionic Woman, recently reunited in Canada for the new movie project. Wagner tweeted a photo of herself with Lee Majors on the set of the mystery film, causing fans of the franchise to go into a frenzy.

“On set with Lee Majors filming a new family movie together on the west coast of Canada,” the actress tweeted, punctuating her post with the hashtag #togetheragain.

Lindsay teased about the reunion on social media a day before she posted the photo, telling fans that she was filming “a new family feel-good movie” with her former TV co-star Lee Majors. The actress promised that she would post more details about the project soon, and she added the hashtag #bionicreunion, which has some fans wondering if the co-stars will be using their signature superpowers in the feel-good flick. No matter what the project is, longtime fans of the Six Million Dollar Man franchise can’t wait to see the ’70s superstars together again.


Lee Majors debuted the role of Steve Austin, an astronaut who survives a horrific crash and is equipped with a bionic arm, two bionic legs, and a bionic eye, making him “better, stronger, faster,” in 1974. Majors and Wagner first came together in March 1975 in a special two-part episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, titled “The Bionic Woman.” In the two-parter, Austin’s former girlfriend, tennis player Jamie Sommers, suffers a near-fatal skydiving accident and needs bionic hardware in order to heal. But the character dies at the end of the second episode when her body rejects the new parts.

Wagner’s guest role on Majors’ ABC series was so popular that producers decided to bring the female cyborg back to life for the spinoff The Bionic Woman in January of 1976. Lee Majors appeared in six crossover episodes of the spinoff series, including the pilot episode, “Welcome Home Jamie, Part 1.”

While both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman were canceled in 1978, Majors and Wagner have reunited multiple times over the past 30 years to reprise the roles that made them famous. According to Entertainment Weekly, Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner starred in three made-for-TV movies together after their series’ ended. Lee and Lindsay starred in 1987’s The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman, 1989’s Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman, and 1994’s Bionic Ever After? The two characters finally tied the knot in the final installment of the franchise.


In a 2011 interview with CBC News, Lee Majors reflected on his Six Million Dollar Man role, which had his character once crossing paths with Bigfoot (Andre the Giant). Lee explained why, after shooting 22 episodes of the show, he told producers they needed to introduce a love interest for his character—and fast.

“After about a year, I didn’t have a love interest in 22 shows and I finally said, ‘You know I got to get a love interest, because I’m tired of looking at you hairy-legged guys running around here,'” Lee said. “And that’s when we thought up the idea of a former girlfriend, and that’s where Lindsay Wagner came in.”

Majors also addressed rumors that he didn’t initially get along with his future TV wife.

“They started paying her as much as I was making and I had put in my year and a half [on my show],” Lee explained to CBC.

“They wanted me to spin off her show and do crossover to help her show get started. So you can understand where [it] might look like resentment. But it was really a contractual disagreement. It was eventually worked out…I think I explained to her a year or two later, [that] I hope she didn’t take it personally, the way it appeared. And if there was [a problem on my part] I apologized, but that’s the way business worked at the time. But it’s all cool.”

While fans are hoping for some kind of bionic element to Lee’s new project with Lindsay, the actor revealed that multiple scripts have been written for possible Six Million Dollar Man movies in the past. But that doesn’t mean he wants to play Steve Austin.

“There’s been scripts written and turned down,” Majors said. “I don’t know if they want me. If they want me, they’ll call me. I would [rather] do the Oscar Goldman part. I want to sit there in the office and point my finger and say, ‘Steve, go get ’em.'”

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