Scott Disick: Party’s Over As He Returns To L.A. After Being Sighted With Topless Woman In London

For more than a week, reports of Scott Disick’s partying escapades have been all over the headlines. And while he’s back in Los Angeles, many are wondering about what happened a few nights prior, as the 34-year-old reality star was reportedly spotted with a male friend and a mystery woman, with all three posing for topless selfies in a London balcony.

According to a report from Mirror, father-of-three Disick returned to Los Angeles on Friday night, about a week and a half after he flew to Cannes and began what has often been described as an extended bender. Disick had apparently flown back home solo, which was a sharp contrast to how he was often seen during a European trip that took him to Cannes, then to Monaco and Ibiza, and finally to London on Thursday.

As the Mirror added, Scott Disick’s partying saw Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-partner cavorting with “at least six different females,” including teen actress Bella Thorne, model Ella Ross, and Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Chantel Jefferies. A report from the Inquisitr noted earlier this week that Disick has been believed to be partying especially hard as an act of revenge against Kourtney, 38, who is rumored to be dating a much younger man, 24-year-old Algerian model Younes Bendjima.


While the identities of Disick’s other female companions were immediately available when Scott was sighted with them in Europe, nobody’s quite sure about the identity of the topless woman spotted with Disick in London.

A report from Us Weekly documented how Scott Disick was seen partying at the Toy Room nightclub in Mayfair on Thursday, reportedly “all over” a curly-haired woman separate from the female companion he was seen with later in the evening. “Lord Disick” would then join his friends on a liquor store run, then make their way to a balcony, where Scott, a male friend, and the aforementioned topless woman were seen, all with their shirts off and taking selfies.

Us Weekly noted that Kourtney Kardashian’s controversial ex had gone as far as touching the woman’s breasts in some of the photos. He and the woman reportedly headed back to the Dorchester hotel to cap off the wild night of partying.

Earlier today, TMZ wrote that Disick wasn’t, as of the time of the report, back home in L.A. as expected and that close friends were still worried about him and his alleged self-destructive behavior with his “party friends.” While Kourtney Kardashian still expects her ex-boyfriend to be a “responsible dad” to their three children, TMZ suggested that Scott has had almost no contact with Kourtney, their kids, or the Kardashian family since reports of Scott Disick’s partying in Cannes had first emerged.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick during happier times. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for AG Adriano Goldschmied]

Us Weekly’s report cited a source close to Disick who said that Kourtney remains worried for her ex, with the former couple’s loved ones feeling the same way.

“The partying and photos emerging are symptomatic of situations they’ve had in the past with him where he has been in a really bad place, mentally.”

Is rehab the solution for Scott Disick’s non-stop partying lifestyle? Unnamed friends were previously quoted as saying as that may be the case for the troubled KUWTK star. Disick had last checked into rehab in October 2015, seeking treatment for his drug and alcohol addiction, which as E! News observed, had been a key focus of his appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. That marked Scott’s fourth stint in rehabilitation, as he was at that time, cited as wanting to “be the best dad he can possibly be” to his three children with Kourtney Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Mirror reported that fans have largely been unsympathetic toward Scott Disick and his partying, regardless of what his true motivation may be. Disick’s own followers have taken him to task on social media, calling him a “loser dad” and a “deadbeat” who continues acting like a “college party boy” despite having recently turned 34-years-old.

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