Rachel Lindsay’s Fiancé Has To Contend With The Other Love Of Her Life

As last week’s Bachelorette proved, Rachel Lindsay has already given her heart to another so far in her life: her adorable pooch Copper. The one-on-one date Lindsay had with potential fiancé Peter centered around puppy dogs. That may show that regardless of whomever Rachel Lindsay’s fiancé turns out to be, he had better have an affinity for fur babies. But as host Chris Harrison revealed on his Yahoo blog, at the event Peter might have actually shown himself an ill-fit to be a puppy dog parent.

“Barkfest was a majestic sight to behold. Dog massages. Dogs on floats. Dog smoothies (for dogs, not made of them). And finally after all these years we have discovered exactly who let the dogs out. It was Peter. He left the sliding glass door open. Now we know.”

But despite Peter’s apparent misstep, Harrison described the one-on-one date as a successful one for Lindsay’s suitor, as the pair seemed to have real chemistry. The couple’s connection seemed most obvious after they left Barkfest and spent some time together over a meal.

“Some first dates are just easy as can be and that was the case for Peter and Rachel. They were both so open and honest and they were really listening to each other. I know it seems obvious but so often people are just waiting for their turn to talk. These two were connecting. And there were fireworks. I’ll just leave that joke there for you to enjoy.”

The intimacy of the one-on-one date, and the elevation of Peter to a real contender to be Rachel’s fiancé, was a stark contrast to the show’s earlier group date when Bachelorette fans Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher decided to put the men through a baby-themed obstacle course in order to test their parenting skills (this time with non-fur kids). The crazy antics ended up with Lucas — aka the “waboom” guy — in first place, much to the irritation of his roommates in the Bachelorette mansion.

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Will either of these men ultimately become Rachel Lindsay’s fiancé? It’s too early in the season for Bachelorette producers to narrow down the field too much, although the show has already seen the dramatic exit of DeMario whose ex-girlfriend (or was it current girlfriend?) showed up at the episode’s second group date that featured basketball with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Neither DeMario, Lucas, or Peter made Us Weekly’s list of its top five picks to be Lindsay’s fiancé, posted before the season began. Us Weekly’s choices — Bryan, Fred, Josiah, Mohit and Anthony — were based on the men’s pre-season bios.

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Whomever Rachel Lindsay ultimately chose, the attorney is certainly still on cloud nine after the proposal. She revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live she hadn’t seen her love since that moment was taped for the show and the few days they spent together afterward. But as Us Weekly reported, that was a span of only 10 days, so the absence of connection was less dramatic than if the season had been filmed months before.

Kimmel actually teased Lindsay about the fragility of Bachelor and Bachelorette couplings, when he said the small amount of time had not allowed them the space to go through the perceived normal ups and downs of television romance.

“You haven’t had a chance to reconnect and then break up and then be on the cover of Us Weekly or any of those things yet?”

Lindsay responded, “I don’t plan on a break up.”

While Rachel seemed to be glowing just under two weeks ago when her season of The Bachelorette premiered, she wasn’t taking too much time off. The Dallas-based lawyer told Jimmy Kimmel she was due back in the office this week.

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights on ABC.

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