Joanna Krupa: ‘RHOM’ Star In Shocking Malibu Beach Wardrobe Malfunction — See The Embarrassing Photos

Joanna Krupa, the 38-year-old Real Housewives of Miami reality star who has made a habit of deliberately posting nude and otherwise revealing pictures of herself, particularly on her Instagram account, showed a little too much skin during a photo shoot on El Matador Beach in Malibu, California, on Thursday — and the embarrassing results have now reached the internet.

Why would Krupa suffer any embarrassment over revealing too much of her model’s body? After all, she has defended her public nudity in the past and posted naked pictures of herself on Instagram as recently as two months ago.

“I’m very proud of my body, I work really hard, I workout and try to stay in shape and eat healthy. I’m super proud of it and I believe if you have it you flaunt it! No matter what shape or size you are you should feel confident,” she told Britain’s Express newspaper late last year. “I’m a model, that’s my background, if you look at the biggest top models in the world they’ve all posed super sexy and naked and in lingerie, so I just think it’s part of the industry we are in.”

But what happened in Malibu did not really fall into the category of “super sexy and naked and in lingerie,” but rather came under the heading of “awkward wardrobe malfunction.”

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Here’s what happened. During the professional photo shoot in Malibu, Krupa waded in the tide clad only in a barely-there white bikini bottom and — the problematic wardrobe item — a fringed white top, and nothing more. For reasons that were probably obvious, Krupa chose to forego a bikini top under the shredded, poncho-style garment, an item of beachwear that already showed plenty of skin.

But during the photo shoot, the fringes of the top fell awkwardly, leading to what would popularly be called a “nip slip,” as the reality star’s left nipple poked oddly through the garment.

While mild, the photos would definitely be considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work), which means that the Inquisitr cannot display them on this page. But to see the uncensored and embarrassing wardrobe malfunction Krupa photos, follow this link — but readers offended by nudity should not click on the links.

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Another photo from the El Matador Beach wardrobe malfunction can be seen at this link, and a third may be viewed by clicking on this link. Again, readers should be warned — the images are explicit.

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The Malibu incident was not the first time that Krupa had suffered an awkward wardrobe malfunction thanks to a too-sheer outfit. In fact, it wasn’t even the first time in the past three weeks. On May 10, Krupa dined at a high-end Beverly Hills, California, eatery — apparently with an unidentified male companion, shortly after her split from husband Roman Zago — when the glaring flashbulbs of the waiting paparazzi exposed exactly how sheer her charcoal-gray dress actually was.

To see an example of that wardrobe malfunction — again with the warning that the images are NSFW — click on either this link or this link.

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