Animal Adventure Park Announces Return Of April The Giraffe, Baby Taj Cam, Watch Live Videos

On Thursday, June 1, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park broadcast live via YouTube and announced the return of the giraffe cam. Featuring 15-year-old April, 5-year-old Oliver (aka Ollie), and calf Tajiri (aka Taj), the new cam’s schedule will take place from Sunday until Friday. The giraffe cam will stream live from the New York petting zoo between the hours of 4 p.m. ET and 8 p.m. ET. For those who followed the giraffe cam and waited for April to give birth to her calf, the announcement was readily welcomed. You can watch the Animal Adventure Park video announcement, as well as the daily giraffe cam, in the video player below.

Although the Animal Adventure Park was known in its local Harpursville, New York, community, it wasn’t until park owner Jordan Patch set up a giraffe cam in April’s stall in February that the park and April became a viral sensation. Pregnant at the time, the live giraffe cam helped those familiar with the park keep tabs on the giraffe’s upcoming birth, but once word of the 24/7 cam spread, fans flocked to watch the live stream from across the globe. Interest in the park grew as did fascination with giraffes and the Reticulated breed. Patch used the cam as an opportunity to educate the public on the needs wild giraffes face as they struggle for survival.

Over a two-month period, the Animal Adventure Park became a household name, grew their Facebook fan page to over 1 million followers. April the giraffe eventually became a representative, stuffed animal, and received her own website. Toys “R” Us sponsored the giraffe cam, and once Tajiri was born, Babies “R” Us became the sponsor. Changes for the Animal Adventure Park were fast and at times overwhelming. After millions tuned in to watch April the giraffe give birth live online, Patch made the decision to take the live cam down while focusing on the park’s opening day.

The park has reopened, people are visiting, and things have begun to settle into a new normal for the park. Patch announced the giraffe cam’s extended viewing schedule as well as new opportunities for watching other animals that call the park home via the live cam during the YouTube announcement. He stated they heard the public’s requests, adding that the cam’s return is in direct response to demand. Many people cheered during the announcement, and the response on social media was equally as great.

The return of the giraffe cam and the hours of operation mean that those who have come to recognize giraffe keepers Allysa and Corey would once again see them put April to bed at night. During the live giraffe cam’s initial run, there was a nightly routine where the giraffe keepers would clean April’s stall, bring her fresh hay, and spend time with her before the lights went out. It was during these moments that many witnessed the special and unique relationship April shared with her keepers. April often lets Allysa rub her tummy and nuzzle against her neck without being fed a treat to make her docile.

The public was so enthralled by Allysa and April’s bond that when the naming contest for April’s calf Tajiri was held, the winning selection was “Allysa’s choice.” This meant that Allysa would select the baby calf’s name. It was Allysa and Corey who decided upon the name Tajiri, which is Swahili for hope.

Patch also announced several other changes, including the return of the super chat. This will be a nightly chat session that is held on YouTube. Animal Adventure Park staff frequently answers questions asked during these sessions, making them popular with April’s fans.

Additionally, Patch stated they will go live every Tuesday and Thursday at noon for the next four months and showcase a different animal from the zoo. This will be an educational broadcast where park staff will introduce the animal and discuss the species.

Are you excited about Animal Adventure Park’s big announcement and the return of the live giraffe cam? Have you missed watching April, Oliver, and Taj?

Watch the Animal Adventure Park Live Giraffe Cam Sunday-Friday


[Featured Image by Koverninska Olga/Shutterstock]