Abby Lee Miller Will Likely Be Trash Talking ‘Dance Moms’ At Q&A In Tampa, Florida

Abby Lee Miller may have had to cancel a New York Dance Moms Q&A right before her hearing, but she’s making up for lost time for doing a new one in Tampa, Florida. The former reality star, who will be spending one year and a day in prison starting at the end of this month, has been granted leave by a judge to do several in-person appearances before she checks into prison. This is likely because she owes the federal government $120,000 for her crimes. She has already paid the judge, but she will definitely need a nest egg for when she exits prison.

The Dance Moms alum wrote on her Twitter and Instagram accounts today, “Okay! okay! The secret is out! I’ll be hosting a Q&A at the ATTITUDESDANCEWEARETC at 1916 South Dale Mabry in South Tampa.”

She added that if you buy one of her Abby Lee Dance Center shirts, you can get a picture with Abby Lee Miller and an autographed photo 8 x 10, presumably of Abby.

It is unclear if she will be talking about Dance Moms, but it is incredibly likely given the fact that she hasn’t exactly been quiet about it since her abrupt exit from the hit Lifetime reality show. She has accused the show of being misogynistic, demanding, making her look crazy, and keeping her fat.

Abby Lee Miller also returned to Florida in order to clean up her vacation home, which had fallen into such disrepair that she was about to face more legal trouble over it.

The court papers, in fact, ordered the former reality star to return to the home to put it back in working order.

“Ms. Miller needs to travel to her property and home in Davenport, Florida for a brief period of time to address certain issues with her property and home,” they read.

According to neighbors, the pool had become so neglected that it started to attract rats and other animals, which had then spilled over into her neighbors’ homes. As a result, a few of them had to have their homes fumigated.

Frederick Beyer, one of Abby Lee Miller’s neighbors in Davenport, Florida, claimed that the Dance Moms alum hasn’t been on the property for over a year and a half.

“One of the board members went over there to get the pool running because it was infested with mosquitoes. He had to clean, filter and shock the pool heavily,” he said of the derelict property.

Abby Lee Miller has been seen in the press doing several exclusive interviews and appearing on television. But she told Us Weekly that she still felt woefully unprepared for what’s to come.

“I’m not out taking karate. I’m not in a self-defense class, though, maybe I should be. There’s a woman, who is a specialist, with the bureau of prisons, and she was supposed to — what I thought — prepare me for this. And she told me to take money for toiletries. … I need to find out other things. Like, I wanna know, can I wear socks to bed? Because my feet cramp up and they freeze. Can I do this, do that? Am I going to be able to have a computer there? Am I allowed to have specific deodorant? I have normal questions that a normal person would ask. I’m not getting those answers,” she said.

She has stated, however, that she will be using her time wisely while she’s behind bars. She wants to write a tell-all book about her time on Dance Moms, in addition to learning Spanish. She’s also got a new scripted TV show in the works that she hopes to develop during her down time.

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