‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Might Witness Round Two Of Corinne Olympios-Taylor Nolan Rivalry

Bachelor Nation is gearing up for its new season of Bachelor in Paradise, and it’s off to a promising and exciting start. After news broke out that Amanda Stanton would be heading back to BIP after breaking off her engagement to Josh Murray, here comes another familiar face joining the roster headed for paradise. Team Corn entrepreneur and nap-loving Corinne Olympios is confirmed as part of the Season 4 cast.

However, the breakout star from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor is said to be “nervous” about the new season. A source revealed to E! News that Corinne’s rival, Taylor Nolan, is headed to Mexico as well. It can be recalled that Corinne and Taylor had several clashes during the last season of The Bachelor, and they had never made up even after the show was over.

“She doesn’t want any girl drama and there is chatter that producers are bringing Taylor back as well,” the E! News source revealed.

Corinne Olympios might see Taylor Nolan in the new season of "Bachelor in Paradise."
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Corinne earned the reputation of the villain in last season’s The Bachelor, due to her aggressive approach in getting Viall’s attention. For instance, during the first group date, she went topless for Nick during a bridal photo shoot. She also topped her boobs with whipped cream for Viall to enjoy on a cocktail night during one of the episodes. Corinne has also stolen Nick from a group date, to go on a bouncing spree away from the girls, and after she was done with Nick, she went back to the house and had a nap. She also took a nap during a rose ceremony, further alienating the other girls in the house, who were equally tired but had to stay up for the long days of filming episodes for the reality show.

The biggest reveal though was when they all found out that the 25-year-old businesswoman glories in the fact that she still has a nanny. In fact, after the episode reveal, someone started a GoFundMe campaign to “liberate Raquel from Corinne’s employment.”


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But it was her habit of stealing Nick from brief one-on-ones that irked most of the girls, especially Taylor Nolan, a mental health counselor. Taylor was one of the ladies who has had her time with Nick stolen from her, every time Corinne cuts her off to take Nick away. The two ended up confronting each other, which led to an epic showdown during a two-on-one date with Nick.

Nolan had accused Olympios of lacking “emotional intelligence” which led the former to question the mental health counselor about her qualifications in practicing her profession. Their squabbles reached Viall, but in the end, he sent Nolan home during the two-on-one date in New Orleans.

The two ladies reunited in The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, but unfortunately, failed to mend their differences. Olympios had admitted during her guesting at Ellen that she will never be okay with Nolan after all that transpired in The Bachelor. On Nolan’s part, she revealed to US Weekly that since she left the show, she has put her counseling career on hold.

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“Right now, I’m dealing with a lot emotionally and logistically, with balancing a lot of opportunities coming up,” Nolan said. “So for me the timing isn’t really great right now to be seeing clients, but it also is very tricky to navigate a private practice and being someone who was just publicly out on television.”

If Taylor indeed joins the cast of next season’s Bachelor in Paradise, fans might probably get a second serving of the Corinne-Taylor rivalry. Or the reality show might serve as an avenue for the two girls to finally make up. Then again, where’s the fun in that?

“Corinne is still going to be Corinne and she’s happy that her close girlfriends from her season will be there too,” the E! News source further reveals. “She knows they will have her back.”

This girl squad is none other than fellow The Bachelor contestants, Raven Gates, Alexis Waters, and Jasmine Goode, who seem to be heading for paradise as well.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres on August 8 on ABC.

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