CM Punk Offered $1 Million To Return To The Wrestling Ring — Ryback Comments On The Deal

A few years ago, CM Punk walked away from the ring and decided to move into the Octagon, but he has now received an insane offer to return to wrestling which is hard to turn down. Punk moved onto the world of UFC and it seemed as if he was never going to wrestle again, but how does one turn down an offer of $1 million for a one-night event? Former WWE superstar Ryback spoke on the deal and let the world know why it was probably turned down.

According to The Sun, CM Punk has been offered $1 million to make a one-off return to wrestling and do nothing more. The fans want to see him back in the ring and out of the Octagon which isn’t proving overly successful for him, but who offers someone $1 million for just one appearance?

5 Star Wrestling creator and promoter Daniel Hinkles confirmed that he did indeed offer the staggering amount of money to CM Punk for a one-night return. He is hoping that Punk will take part in a June 10 event at Liverpool’s Echo Arena which will be a 128-man wrestling tournament.

As of this time, Punk has not accepted the offer and former WWE superstar Ryback has an idea as to why it won’t be.

wwe cm punk $1 million return wrestling ryback dan hinkles
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On a recent episode of Conversation With The Big Guy, Ryback actually discusses the offer made to Punk by Hinkles. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Ryback holds nothing back in his thoughts on the wrestling promoter as he believes he is one of the worst in the business.

“He just comes off like he says one thing and then says another thing. And then, like, out of all the promoters we’ve dealt with, he has been by far the worst. He showed up to one of the events in England when I was there, just like harassing me, essentially. I treated him beyond well for that, but if there was ever a delusional human being, he was one of them.”

Ryback went on to say that he has worked for Hinkles in the past and was always screwed over by him. Hinkles allegedly once told Ryback that he was going to be wrestling one match, but then, he was told he would work four or five matches for the same amount of money.

Once he revealed that, Ryback went on to talk about the $1 million offer to CM Punk as Hinkles reportedly never elaborated on how many matches he’d have the former WWE Champion working.

“Yeah, he didn’t put in there that the contract is for seven years and 34 tournaments! Yeah, I don’t know. I think he’s just happy. He’s probably jerking off that he is getting mentioned on the podcast right now. Sign me up! I want to be his first opponent over there. We can right all the wrongs. My only demand is one million and one dollars.”

The promoter of 5 Star Wrestling claims it would be for just the one night, but the true details were not revealed.

wwe cm punk $1 million return wrestling ryback dan hinkles
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Dan Hinkles said that they have been trying to get in touch with CM Punk for more than a year in hopes of getting him to appear for 5 Star Wrestling. He wants him to join the 128-man tournament and he calls it a “genuine offer,” but Ryback has a point that it could be for countless shows, depending on how it is booked.

Most wrestling fans will say that no one can really say “never” when it comes to what may happen in the profession they love. CM Punk has already lost his first match in UFC and it wasn’t even close, but he doesn’t seem ready to end his run in MMA. Receiving an offer of $1 million to return to wrestling for one night is quite insane and hard to imagine turning down, but Ryback has some pretty good reasons for not taking it.

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