Kylie Jenner Not Answering Tyga’s Text Messages, Committed To Travis Scott ‘KUWTK’ Romance

Kylie Jenner is refusing to answer Tyga’s text messages, having been given the impression that the rapper is desperate to reconcile with the 19-year-old, according to reports.

Kylie Jenner famously called it quits with her ex-boyfriend back in March, having stressed that the endless feuds and arguments between one another were exhausting her, especially since she’s been so focused on continuing to build her cosmetics empire.

Reports reveal that Kylie Jenner needed a break, which quickly turned into a full-on split, but it was just two weeks after their breakup that the socialite found herself in a relationship with Travis Scott, which is said to have angered the father-of-one.

Tyga was fuming because he had assumed Kylie Jenner would eventually come around and reconcile with him after their break, but that clearly didn’t seem to be the plan for the social media fanatic.

Now that it’s been almost three months since their split, the “Faded” rapper is still said to be messaging Kylie Jenner, having made it known that he misses her and would love nothing more than to be given another chance, but according to Hollywood Life, Kylie isn’t interested.

She’s developed a strong connection with Travis, and judging by how he’s treated her since they first started dating in April, Jenner sees no reason why she should leave a man that’s done nothing but love and adore everything about her. Scott reportedly treats Kylie Jenner like a princess.

The same can’t be said for Tyga, who was notoriously known to argue with his ex-girlfriend about his constant desire to choose the club scene over a quiet night with Kylie, which eventually led to numerous news outlets claiming that the 27-year-old had allegedly cheated on Jenner. Tyga always denied the accusations.

Whatever the case may be, Kylie Jenner apparently has no interest in getting back with her ex-boyfriend — she’s moved on and would want her former flame to finally do the same.

“Tyga’s texted and messaged Kylie [Jenner] a number of times, but she’s totally ignoring him, as that ship has sailed as far as she’s concerned — she’s all about Travis [Scott],” an insider gushes.

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“Tyga had his chance and he blew it. Kylie says he’s like a little boy compared to Travis, who she says is ‘all man.’ Tyga’s messages started out sweet enough, but he’s also sent a few spiteful ones. Kylie just rolls with it though, she thinks it’s just more evidence of how immature and bitter he is.”

It’s evidently clear that Kylie Jenner has moved on for good. She’s already been introduced to Travis’ parents, having flown across the country with her beau to also support him on with his concerts — she’s been a doting girlfriend, that’s for sure.

At this given point, Kylie Jenner sees no future between herself and Tyga. From what initially started as a break turned into a full-on split, but in breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Kylie Jenner realized how unhappy she had been being in her previous relationship.


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It wasn’t until she started seeing Travis when she realized that she needed to officially end her romance with Tyga for good.

The reality star is just weeks away from having her reality show, Life of Kylie, premiere on the E! network, Us Weekly affirms. According to reports, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off will focus its attention on Kylie Jenner as she continues to build her brand while juggling her chaotic love life.

Kylie Jenner’s forthcoming reality show is expected to premiere in July, the network has confirmed.

Do you think Kylie’s romance with her new boyfriend is going to last?

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