Pittsburgh Mayor Throws Twitter Shade At White House, Pittsburgh Will Follow Paris Accord [UPDATED]

UPDATE 6/2/2017 3 a.m.: Donald Trump is being shaded by many over the decision to pull out of the Paris Accord, but some of the recent shade is coming from an unexpected source, which is The Weather Channel. TWC home page is normally dedicated to forecasts, but for now, it’s everything you need to know about climate change.

Just after President Donald Trump held a press event in the White House Rose Garden, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto spoke out on Twitter, condemning Trump for using Pittsburgh as an excuse for exiting the Paris Accord. To applause from Trump White House staff like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, Trump exclaimed that he was “elected by voters of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” but Peduto is angered that Trump would use his city as an excuse to exit the Paris Agreement with other world powers to instead ally himself with countries like Syria and Nicaragua. Mayor Peduto says that he will not abide by President Trump’s exit from the Paris Accord.

During the last day, the president hinted that he planned to exit the Paris Agreement, but much of the White House attention instead went to the bizarre “covfefe” post on Twitter by the president. Just after midnight on May 31, Donald Trump posted what seemed like half a post on Twitter.

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

The post stayed up for six hours, causing Twitter to go mad with memes and jokes wondering what in the world “covfefe” meant. POTUS seemed to follow it all up with a tweet in the morning suggesting it was all a typo, but then, Sean Spicer mentioned at a press conference that “covfefe” was a real thing, and that those in the know knew what “covfefe” meant.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto immediately tweeted that he will continue to follow the rules set forth in the Paris Accord in response to Sean Spicer’s tweet that Trump represents Pittsburgh and not Paris.

Mayor Peduto is irked that Pittsburgh was used as a rationalization for Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord. He also said that “it’s now up to the cities to lead” now that Trump has pulled out of the Paris deal. And Peduto’s anger didn’t stop there, as he claims that Pittsburgh didn’t elect Trump, as the city voted heartily for Hillary Clinton.

“Fact: Hillary Clinton received 80% of the vote in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh stands with the world & will follow Paris Agreement.”

And Mayor Peduto also threw some shade in the direction of Sean Spicer for quoting Trump’s speech about Pittsburgh and Paris.

Peduto says that he is taking it personally that Trump acts as if he is speaking for the steel city. He also claims that Trump is relying on “sloppy speechwriting” to make Pittsburgh sound like a dirty, old steel town still dependent on coal, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Mayor Peduto says that Pittsburgh, which is his city, not Trump’s, has sacrificed a great deal to move forward.

“He completely ignores the sacrifices that we made over 30 years in order to get back up on our feet, in order to be creating a new economy, in order to make the sacrifices to clean our air and clean our water.”

Peduto says that Pittsburgh has done the hard work not to be labeled with the old coal and steel stereotype. As of 6:30 p.m. Mayor Peduto’s tweets had been retweeted over 54,000 times. Peduto said in an impromptu press conference in his office that Donald Trump came nowhere near winning Pittsburgh.


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Bill Peduto has a big-name supporter, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who is also supporting the Pittsburgh mayor on Twitter.

Are you surprised that Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto came out so strongly against Trump and for the Paris Accord?

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