Hillary Clinton Election Complaints Are BS, Says DNC Data Boss

Hillary Clinton’s accusations against the Democratic National Committee data analytics team are “f*****g b******t,” the former DNC director of data science says.

Andrew Therriault, the official who called BS on Hillary Clinton’s complaints about the data operation, deleted a series of tweets to that effect, however, to avoid what he described as “further drama.”

At a ReCode Code Conference in California yesterday in which she did a lot of venting as part of what some are calling an excuses tour or a blame game, Hillary Clinton offered a litany of reasons why she lost the presidential election to first-time candidate and GOP standard-bearer Donald Trump.

She claimed the shambles that supposedly was the DNC’s voter data operation as one cause for her defeat, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

“I set up my campaign and we have our own data operation. I get the nomination, so I’m now the nominee of the Democratic Party. I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party. I mean, it was bankrupt. It was on the verge of insolvency. Its data was mediocre to poor, non-existent, wrong. I had to inject money into it….to keep it going”

During the campaign, the mainstream media insisted that Hillary Clinton’s “ground game,” i.e., the get out the vote effort, was far superior to Donald Trump’s, but it may have turned out the opposite was the case. In the ReCode discussion, she actually praised the Republican data-gathering operation.

On Twitter, Therriault — who is now the chief data officer for the city of Boston — explained that he wasn’t about to sit by and let Clinton throw the DNC staff under the bus without responding.

Another user captured the tweets that have been erased, which can be seen here.

According to Fox News, Hillary Clinton has blamed 24 different entities for her loss on November 8, 2016, including the Russians, ex-FBI Director James Comey, fake news, misogyny, and a Macedonian content farm. She also described the private email server scandal as a “nothing burger.”

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Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s biggest obstacle was overconfidence, which may have been fueled by the mainstream media drumbeat that she was a lock to win the presidency.

During the campaign season, Donald Trump, a former Democrat and independent, barnstormed across the country doing multiple rallies in different states each day — including in the all-important battleground states — while Clinton generally followed a relatively light schedule of appearances and attended various private fundraisers.

While she says she’s done, there is some speculation that Hillary Clinton will seek the presidency in 2020 in what would be her third attempt.

“While Clinton says she takes full responsibility for her defeat, everything else she says about the election belies that rhetoric,” CNN observed.

Separately, Andrew Therriault wrote a long blog post for Medium in February about the 2016 election which responded to critics who had alleged that ineffective use of voter data resulted in the Democrats falling short.

Therriault insisted that data can’t salvage a bad campaign.

“The common premise of these arguments is that Democrats lost because we chose to rely on data instead of developing a messaging strategy that would appeal to voters. But this claim fundamentally misinterprets the role of data: data is a tool for campaigns, not a strategy. Absolutely nothing about a data-driven campaign precludes the development of a winning message, and it would be absurd to try to run a campaign without one!..In 2016, the Democratic Party’s messaging strategy did not work out like we hoped, and the use of data did not fix that.”

Confounding the experts, Donald Trump won Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. With regard to Trump’s success in the Rust Belt, the Washington Post asserted the following.

“It’s important to note here that Therriault left the DNC midway through 2016, so he’s not necessarily privy to late DNC data in those states. But he seems to be saying that the DNC saw early in the general election what the Clinton campaign failed to really ever see. Clinton never made a concerted effort in Michigan or Wisconsin, and these two states and Pennsylvania proved the difference after they each went by less than a point for Trump.”

Andrew Therriault says Hillary Clinton's criticism of the DNC data operation is BS
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In another batch of emails obtained through an FOIA request by Judicial Watch, Hillary Clinton allegedly once sought to fly on a separate plane from then-First Lady Michelle Obama to attend the funeral of former First Lady Betty Ford, according to the Beacon.

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