Jeff Lewis Daughter Monroe: Parenthood Forced Him To Reevaluate His Busy Work Life

Jeff Lewis is one of the primary stars on Flipping Out, a home-flipping business on Bravo. However, fans have gotten to know him personally over the past many years, and he has been very open about his relationship with Gage Edwards and his desire to become a father. During the early seasons of Flipping Out, the time was never right to have a baby, and he was questioning when it would work best in his work schedule. However, Gage and Lewis went for it last year and welcomed a baby girl in the fall. Now, he’s introducing her to the world.

According to a new Bravo report, Jeff Lewis recently opened up about his life as a father, as he has been a dad now for almost a year. Jeff and his partner, Gage Edwards, decided to try surrogacy once more after failed IVF attempts and adoption applications when they learned that they would be having a baby girl.

“As a kid, much like Gage and I do now, we lived in the homes my dad was flipping. Mission Viejo, Villa Park, Orange Park Acres, Newport Beach, we were all over. I grew up trailing my dad on the job. I expect Monroe will be doing the same thing. It would be great if she wanted to be a designer or developer, but I want her to choose her own path,” Jeff Lewis explained about his own childhood in the flipping industry, revealing that he hopes his daughter will have the same experience. “I just hope that Monroe is as lucky as I am, in that I was able to make my hobby my career. I would love for her to have that same amazing life. Because it doesn’t feel like work to me.”

Monroe's first cover.

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On Flipping Out, he revealed that he was very excited about becoming a father. They shared their trips to the doctor, they went to the ultrasounds, and they were excited about meeting their daughter. While they didn’t share the birth on the show, one can imagine fans will see Monroe if Flipping Out returns to Bravo. The biggest struggle for Jeff Lewis has been to balance a work-life balance.

“We were trying to simplify things long before Monroe, but having her really was a catalyst for big changes. I don’t have a choice anymore, we can’t work the hours we were working. It is just about streamlining and working smarter. As a parent, you just can’t do it all. The fact is, the first three or four months after she was born, I wasn’t so good at my job. Because something had to give. And it wasn’t going to be Monroe,” Lewis revealed, adding, “So it forced Gage and I to reevaluate. I waited 46 years to be a father… 46 years. I take it very seriously.”

“You work for Monroe Christine Lewis. That’s who we all work for now,” he explains.

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While Lewis has shared pictures of little Monroe on social media, it would be interesting to see how Jeff Lewis is as a father. Bravo hasn’t revealed whether they have completed a new season of the show, and Lewis rarely talks about the show on his social media when they are filming. But fans are crossing their fingers that the show will return and Monroe will be a part of the cast. As for Gage, it sounds like he loves being a father as well, as the two are tackling this parenting journey together.

What do you think of Jeff Lewis balancing work and life? Do you want to see another season of Flipping Out?

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