Jenelle Evans Mom: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Barbara Says She Does Not Like David Eason — Or Her Daughter

Jenelle Evans’ mom is not a fan of her soon-to-be-husband.

As the Teen Mom 2 star prepares to marry the father of her third child, David Eason, her mom, Barbara Evans, is speaking out against him after being awarded primary custody of Evans’ oldest child.

“I do not like David,” Barbara Evans admitted to Radar Online on June 1. “Jenelle is into the fame and the fortune and now David is too. I don’t care what people think about me. I act the same way on and off camera.”

Jenelle Evans and her mom went head-to-head in court last week over custody of 7-year-old Jace and in the end, Barbara won the case with Evans being granted visitation with the child.

Barbara Evans went on to reveal that while she will always love her reality star daughter, things between them are extremely strained at the moment.

“I don’t hate [Jenelle Evans]. I don’t like her,” she explained. “I love her, she’s my child, but I don’t like her.”

Since fans first met Jenelle Evans and her mom on 16 & Pregnant, their relationship has seen many ups and downs, and in recent years, they’ve been dealt with mostly downs due to their fight for Jace. As fans may recall, Jenelle Evans signed over her rights to Jace to Barbara years ago but ultimately decided she wanted him back and refiled documents in hopes of gaining custody rights to the child.

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Jenelle Evans’ mom has been known to have a problem with her boyfriends in the past, and David Eason is no different. As fans may recall, Barbara faced-off with Eason during an episode of Teen Mom 2 last year after Eason refused to allow her to speak with her daughter at her home. During the show, fans watched as Evans remained locked in her bedroom as her mom attempted to speak to her face-to-face.

The moment was quite strange and ultimately prompted Eason to call the police on Jenelle Evans’ mom. Months later, while filming a Teen Mom 2 special in Los Angeles, Evans contacted police after Jenelle Evans, and David Eason left the set with Jace in tow. According to Barbara, neither party had custody of the boy and were essentially kidnapping him from her.

As for Barbara Evans’ issues with her daughter, Jenelle Evans appears to have gotten on her mother’s bad side in recent months due to their ongoing custody battle, which only came to an end days ago.

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As Jenelle Evans’ relationship with her mother remains strained, she continues to focus on her family and plan for her upcoming nuptials.

Earlier this year, before her custody battle with Barbara, Jenelle Evans accused her mother of being jealous of her fiancé.

“My mom is still not wanting to give up her grudge against any guy I date,” she told E! News. “David has never done anything wrong to her and still doesn’t really speak to her to this day, even though he disagrees with a lot of things she believes. I have no idea why my mom feels this way towards David, but I’m thinking it might be a jealously issue. My mom claims I never ‘hang out’ with her when I date someone.”

Jenelle Evans and her family, including her mother, Barbara Evans, and her fiancé, David Eason, are currently in the midst of production on the upcoming eighth season of Teen Mom 2. No word yet on when the series will return to MTV.

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