‘Minecraft’ Discovery Update Hits Pocket And Win 10 Editions, Adds Marketplace, Mansions, And More

Mojang began rolling out the Minecraft Discovery update to Pocket Editions on Apple and Android devices Thursday along with the Windows 10 Edition. The update brings a substantial number of features, including a marketplace to purchase everything from community-created worlds to skin packs. There are also new items and blocks such as Llamas, Shulker Boxes, and spooky Woodland Mansions.

In-Game Marketplace

The Marketplace is the big news in the Minecraft Discovery update as it allows Apple, Android, and Windows 10 gamers to enjoy community-created additions for the first time. The in-game marketplace launches with various Worlds, Survival Spawns, Texture Packs, and Skin Packs from popular modders like Noxcrew, Blockworks, BDCraft, and more.

Purchases in the Minecraft marketplace are made with Minecraft Coins, which are will be sold for real-world money. The game shows $2 for 320 coins, $6 for 1020 coins, and $10 for 1,720 coins. Mojang-created Mash-up packs are being sold for 960 coins while the pricing of the community crafted items varies depending on their size and complexity. For example, Adventure maps are priced from 600 coins to around 1,200 coins. Meanwhile, Skin Packs are as little as 320 coins, and Texture Packs can be twice that much.

Now the question is when the marketplace will arrive on consoles. As previously covered, an Xbox One cross-play version of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition was recently spotted.

Relics of the Privateers is one of the many community crafted add-ons available for Minecraft: Pocket and Win 10 Editions.
[Image by Swagiverse/Mojang]

Woodland Mansions

On the new features and items front, Woodland Mansions can now be explored in Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions. These rare structures spawn in the roofed forest biome and spawn Evoker, Vex, and Vindicator Ilager mobs, who have also been added as part of the Discovery update.

Minecraft players can get help finding the Woodland Mansions by purchasing the new explorer maps from the cartographer villager with emeralds. The mansion is generally two to three stories tall with a maze of randomly generated corridors and rooms to explore and hostile mobs to defeat.

Visiting one of these mansions is worthwhile for the loot alone. Players can acquire everything from enchanted Golden Apples along with Diamond Chetplates, Enchanted Books, and much more.

Adventure Mode

The addition of the Adventure maps being sold in the Minecraft marketplace also means Adventure mode is now active. This allows map creators to restrict other players from destroying blocks with tools or placing blocks to obstruct entrances or pathways.

New Friendly Mobs

Llamas join Minecraft: Pocket and Win 10 Editions.
[Image by Mojang]

Llamas are a neutral mob that can be tamed to assist Minecraft players with their haul of loot and other gear. They can typically be found on top of hills in herds of around four. Attacking a wild llama will cause it to spit at the player, dealing damage. They will also spit at untamed wolves unprovoked.

Taming one and equipping it with chests can give it up to 15 slots of inventory space. Additionally, attaching a lead to one tamed llama will cause nearby Llamas to form a caravan of up to 10 llamas.

Other New Items

  • Shulker Boxes
  • Concrete & concrete powder
  • Glazed terracotta blocks
  • Dyeable beds (and you can jump on them, too!)
  • Iron and Gold tools can now be smelted into Iron Nuggets and Gold Nuggets
  • New game rules: DoFireTick, DoMobSpawning, DoTileDrops, MobGriefing, DoEntityDrops, KeepInventory, DoMobLoot, DoDaylightCycle
  • New achievements
  • Mending & Frostwalking enchantments
  • Totem of Undying
  • Off-hand slot (only works for arrows & Totem of Undying)

Important Tweaks

Mojang has made some important changes to the Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions as part of the Discovery update. For starters, the sun now correctly rises in the east and sets in the west. Additionally, Cave Spider will now attack with poison time based on difficulty. There are updates to lead rope physics, melon blocks, cobwebs, eating animations and more.

Check out the official patch notes for the full run-down on all the tweaks and bug fixes to the game.

[Featured Image by Mojang]